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Art Stage 2014: Art Ascendant

Billionaire Biannual Book
Issue 4
Ian Tan

Southeast Asia's flagship cultural event Art Stage returned to Singapore in January for its fourth outing. Taking on a new format, the fair was arguably the most comprehensive collection of the best Asian contemporary art in the world. ...more

An art obsession

The Daily Telegraph
21 June 2014
Elizabeth Fortescue

Collectors can rarely keep everything, and in this exhibition two Sydney collectors are selling some of their art. Collector Gordon Elliott (pictured) bought some of his paintings directly from the artists' dealers, so this is the first time they have been viewable by the public. ...more

Irish equin-imity

South Sydney Herald
June 2014

James Horan was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1976. Growing up, his family lived on both the Prospect and Moyross housing estates in the city. He remembers as a child other families who kept horses in makeshift stables and rough shelters on the estates. ...more

Australia in Print: NSW

Autumn 2014

ships in the night
Artist's statement: Humble pods pass us by unnoticed, to deliver their cargo of life. They are like ships in the night. Once spent, they varnish, their beauty and importance unacknowledged. In making this work, I wanted to halt their disappearance, pay them close attention, and celebrate their wonder. ...more

Head On: Irish Horse

The Australian
29 May 2014
Alexander Zubrzycki

The Head On Photo Festival is currently showing around Sydney. 'Irish Horse' is an exhibition featuring the works of photographer James Horan. He explores the unique horse culture on Irish gypsy community focusing on the annual rural horse fairs held around Ireland, an ancient cultural practice. ...more

Return Home into the Unknown

Inner West Courier
27 May 2014
Shireen Khalil

Photographer James Horan returned to his homeland of Ireland, only to be faced with hundreds of Irish gypsies and their pet horses. ...more

Art + Dance

Artist Profile
May 2014
Sarah Vandepeer

In the darkened theatre of Sydney's Carriageworks, a pair of dancers is clustered to the right of a stark white sheet, spotlighted; they eclipse each other, arms outspread like Leonardo's 'The Vitruvian Man'. Opposite, in the foreground of the stage, a lone male figure is curled over a desk, the implement in hand gently illuminated. A static electro soundscape crackles, heightening the tension as the audience waits. ...more

Playing with Nature

SMH - Spectrum
3-4 May 2014

A group exhibition showcasing the many ways the landscape can be interpreted in different media includes canvases by Mark Stewart, whose ethereal, all-encompassing panoramas are composed of small squares. ...more

Separately Working In Tandem

Trouble Magazine
May 2014
Olivia Welch

Working creatively with another person is not always an organic or immediate process, even when you hold them and their practice in the highest esteem. Canberra-based artists Al Munro and Waratah Lahy have endeavoured an artistic partnership that has not resulted in collaboration, but in conversation. ...more

Exhibition Brief: In Tandem

Art Almanac
May 2014

Although artistic partnerships are abundant in the art world, not all are alike. 'In Tandem', curated by Olivia Welch, is the paring of six artists to form three duos who have interpreted the brief of collective creation in differing ways. Where Mylyn Nugyen and Todd Fuller have created joint narratives through sculpture, Al Munro and Waratah Lahy have worked in conversation with one another, using aesthetic and thematic crossovers as a point of departure to realise individual bodies of work. Leslie Oliver and Melinda Le Guay have composed works reflective of their mutual obsession with rescuing materials by collecting and swapping items. ...more

The Shortlist: In Tandem

SMH - The Planner
25 April 2014

Creative collaboration is put to the test in the group exhibition 'In Tandem' (running until May 17). Curator Olivia Welch has turned artistic matchmaker to pair off six artists and see what works evolve, with Mylyn Nguyen and Todd Fuller's whimsical sculpture proving twice as nice and double the fun. ...more

Collectors take centre stage

Art Collector
April 2014
Jane O'Sullivan

If you're the sort of person who immediately asks a new acquaintance what art they like, then chances are you'll be interested in a new project being mounted at Brenda May Gallery in Sydney that puts collectors in the spotlight. In June the gallery will exhibit art from the collections of two Sydney-based collectors, Gordon Elliott and Jeffrey Hinch. It is the first in what is intended to be a series of exhibitions taking place every two years showing what people are collecting. ...more

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