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Two Minds and Four Hands: Todd Fuller + Mylyn Nguyen

14 November 2013
Olivia Welch

Over the past four years as a gallery assistant, I have seen my fair share of creative minds simultaneously besotted with and broken by the fruits of their tireless and often under-appreciated labour. ...more

Sugary Masterpieces

November 2013
Megan Fizell

In the visual arts, sugar can be used as a playful vehicle to express and explore serious issues. 'Sugar, Sugar', a recent exhibition housed a Brenda May Gallery in Sydney, presented the viewpoint of 10 female artists who used this enticing substance to consider the decadence of consumerism and the significance of sugar in a feminine context. ...more

Red sky at night is a doomsayer's delight

The Daily Telegraph
24 October 2013
Elizabeth Fotescue

The angry red sky above Will Coles' St Peters studio during last week's bushfires looks appropriately apocalyptic.

The sculptures in Coles' new exhibition, Death Wish, carry the load of the artist's frustration over his belief that Australia has its head in the sand on environmental issues. ...more

Sweet Sense

Trouble Magazine
October 2013
Olivia Welch

SUGAR IS AN INGREDIENT IN MANY of our experiences and memories. Megan Fizell's upcoming exhibition 'Sugar Sugar' at Brenda May Gallery explores its use in contemporary visual arts, and as a result reveals the effects of sugar as a medium in harnessing certain reactions and responses. This exhibition's allure lies in its restriction to only including works exclusively made with sugar, dealing with it as a literal substance and not just an abstract idea. ...more

Funny, crafty women make a serious point about our expectations of art

The Guardian
1 October 2013
Andrew Frost

Doig's show coincides with Sugar Sugar, a group show at Brenda May Gallery also in Sydney. Curated by Megan Fizell, this is a 10-woman show where all the works are created using sugar, many taking the shape of other "non-serious" art forms - cakes, jewellery, flower-arranging and cameos. The works themselves are mostly conceptual pieces that play on the idea of transience, value and permanence, given their limited shelf life. ...more

This month's best shows

Time Out Sydney
October 2013

Megan Fizell ( curates this all-female group show of art made from sugar. ...more

Sugar Sugar

Art Almanac
October 2013
Sarah Vandepeer

White like porcelain, set like glass, refined sugar is increasingly a captivating medium for visual artists. Sugar itself is a spellbinding substance; as a species we are predisposed to seek it out, our bodies crave it insatiably. ...more

Exhibition Hoping to Prove a Sweet Success

Central Magazine
25 September 2013
James Gorman

An upcoming exhibition can lay claim to being the sweetest in town, with each piece made almost entirely from sugar. ...more

What's On

Inner City Weekender
20 September 2013
Ashleigh Berry

Curated by Megan Fizell, this exhibition will feature contemporary art made exclusively with sugar by 10 female artists. That is right, sweet, delicious, edible sugar. ...more

News Grab

Vogue Living
September/October 2013
Dijana Kumurdian

'Sugar, Sugar' examines work in the sweet medium by 10 female artists. From Oreo cookie cameos to carved sugar cubes (above, by Mylyn Nguyen). For a rush, visit Brenda May Gallery, Waterloo NSW, 1 - 19 October; ...more

Open Gallery - There's No Place Like Rome

The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
31 August - 1 September 2013
Michael Fitzgerald

Finding himself on a residency at the British School at Rome during the recent papal changeover, young Sydney artist Todd Fuller began concocting the haunting tale of a fictional pope who escapes into the countryside in his Fiat 500, skilfully enacted here through drawing, sculpture and video installation. ...more

Todd creates a snapshot of historic Papal drama

The Daily Telegraph
15 August 2013
Elizabeth Fotescue

Just weeks before Sydney artist Todd Fuller arrived in Rome last April, a new Pope was inaugurated in the Vatican. Suddenly Pope Francis seemed to be everywhere as Catholics welcomed their earthly leader. ...more

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