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Life in the lens

SMH (Spectrum)
9 May 2015
John McDonald

When a show draws a huge crowd to the Town Hall on a rainy Friday night it is testimony to Sydney's booming interest in photography. The occasion was the opening of Head On, the annual photo festival that has grown to colossal proportions during the past few years. ...more

The Quarterly 1.3

Winter 2015
Brenda May Gallery

Exhibition information and news for the third quarter - July-September 2015 - at Brenda May Gallery. ...more

Exhibition Brief: Little Star

Art Almanac
April 2015

Zvezdochka, or Little Star, was the eleventh dog to be sent into space by the Russians. Like the others in the program, she endured extreme conditions as a scientific experiment into the effects of orbital travel on a living creature. ...more

Small Publishers

SMH - Spectrum
7-8 March 2015
Patricia Anderson

This exhibition focuses on the variety in book publishing today. It celebrates the "limited editions" of artists and artisans and highlights unique and quirky offerings and the use of unexpected materials in handcrafted books. ...more

Squashings, pressings, and stains: food as a medium in printmaking and works on paper

Autumn 2015
Megan Fizell

In the 1960s, artists began experimenting with food as a medium; from the performative meals at Daniel Spoerri's Eat Art Gallery to the chocolate sculptures by Dieter Roth, the applications of this material were exploratory and wide-ranging. Considering specifically the body of work termed 'squashings' and 'pressings' by Roth from the mid '60s alongside the Stains portfolio from 1969 by Edward Ruscha, these practices serve to illustrate one way artists of this era challenged the established artistic canon. Examining the work of New York artist Martynka Wawrzyniak and Australian Elizabeth Willing alongside the early practitioners demonstrates a new handling of this medium by contemporary artists. ...more

Platforms, prizes and PYTHAGORAS: 'Singapore Art Week 2015'

Art Monthly Australia
March 2015
Chloe Wolifson

In 2015 Singapore celebrates its fiftieth birthday. It began with Singapore Art Week, featuring Art Stage Singapore and 100 events city-wide. Among these, the announcements of the APB Foundation Signature Art Prize and the Prudential Eye Awards were particularly high-profile, proving it's not just Australians who love art prizes. ...more

The Quarterly 1.2

Autumn 2015
Brenda May Gallery

Exhibition information and news for the second quarter - April-June 2015 - at Brenda May Gallery. ...more

Primal Instinct

Vogue Living
January/February 2015
Dijana Kumurdian

Sydney sculptor Dion Horstmans uses nature as his guide.


See Horstmans' works in Sculpture 2015 at Sydney's Brenda May Gallery, 28 January - 14 February. ...more

Art Stage Singapore

Art Collector
January 2015
Beatrice Spence

Founded by director Lorenzo Rudolf in 2011, Art Stage Singapore 2015 is the 5th edition of the fair and has established a strong following, with Australian galleries consistently returning to exhibit. ...more

Long take, slow dissolve

Art Collector (2015 Special Edition - Art Stage Singapore)
January 2015
Sasha Grishin

Through a career spanning over five decades with 60 solo shows to his name, Robert Boynes has become a master of the urban narrative, painting in the language of the street. ...more

January 2015

The exhibition Mouthfeel will launch in the summer at the Brenda May Gallery in Sydney, Australia, and will be open to any interested visitors until July 4th, 2015. The exhibition is curated by Megan Fizell, an Australian art historian and manager of the gallery, who specializes in the representation of food in the visual arts. Her previous curatorial projects include Sugar, Sugar (October 2013), an exhibition featuring contemporary art made exclusively with sugar and Art + Food (October 2012), which explored the representation of food beyond the standard still life tableaux. ...more

Eat It!

January 2015
Charlotte Jansen

Megan Fizell, curator of the upcoming Mouthfeel exhibition at the Brenda May Gallery, Sydney, is dedicated to researching the use of food as a topic and medium in contemporary art. ...more

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