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Exhibition Brief

Art Almanac
August 2013

This exhibition is the result of Fuller's 2013 William Fletcher Travelling Fellowship residency at the highly regarded British School at Rome. This award has let Fuller create a new body of work influenced by his experience of Roman art and culture, expanding his practice in new and unconventional directions. ...more

Mini-works Create Huge Appeal

Central Magazine
24 July 2013
James Gorman

A new exhibition in Waterloo is proving size really does matter with a unique collection of miniature artworks. ...more

Open Gallery - Mighty SMall

The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
20-21 July 2013
Michael Fitzgerald

There are some gems in this perfectly formed show devoted to artworks miniature in scale, including Lezlie Tilley's '195 Pieces of Gravel Arranged According to the Laws of Chance' and Janet Parker-Smith's petite paper pop-ups, plus the Vending Machine Project for collectors looking for artworks and change from $100. ...more

Todd Fuller in Rome

Art Monthly Australia
June 2013
Leah Haynes

Todd Fuller is currently on a 3-month fellowship from the William Fletcher Foundation in Rome. Valued at $25k, Fuller is only the second award holder of this residency. ...more

The Ticket - Strange Fruit

The (Sydney)Magazine
1-2 June 2013

Janet Tavener's photographs begin with water as a reference point, but her work reflects more broadly on food modification and consumer culture, the environment, climate change and global warning. ...more

Open Gallery - MUDWORKS

The Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
18-19 May 2013
Michael Fitzgerald

There has always been a darkly humorous sense of ritual in the paintings of Byron Bay's James Guppy, which is further refined in his first exhibition of photography. ...more

The Art Guide shortlist

Art Guide
March/April 2013
Tracey Clement

Senden Blackwood lives on his family's farm near Orange, NSW in a Depression-era cottage that was built by hand from the same local basalt he now carves into sculptures. ...more

Surf, Sand and Vision

February 2013
Romain Maitra

Flanked by the long stretch of the Tasman Sea on one side and a wind-carved sandstone cliff line on the other, majestic installations at the 16th chapter of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, Sydney, has visitors enthralled. ...more

Bangladesh Biennale

Bijyutu Techno (Art Notebook)
Rina Igarashi


Award Winners

Art Collector
Jan-March 2013
Carrie Miller

Numbering in the hundreds, there's certainly no shortage of art prizes in Australia and New Zealand. Carrie Miller wades through the results to present her selection of the most critically significant winners and finalists from 2012. ...more

What's On... Sculpture 2013

Inner City Weekender
8 February 2013
Jessica Washington

This popular annual event is now in its 15th year and is still considered an important event for artists. Held at the Brenda May Gallery, the event features the work of Senden Blackwood, Joel Bliss, Kelly-Ann Lees, Barbara Licha and more talented sculptural artists. ...more

Asian art of the Asian century

702 Arts Sydney
7 February 2013
Sheila Pham with Catherine Croll

An eclectic mix of artwork is currently on show at Sydney Town Hall, created by artists born and bred in Australia, recent arrivals from Asia as well as those of mixed Aboriginal and Asian heritage. ...more

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