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60 in 60 Art Stage Singapore 2014

Blouin Artinfo
15 January 2014
Tom Chen

Singapore has not been considered a real "art destination," at least; not yet. But the fourth edition of the homegrown international art fair Art Stage Singapore might slowly change people's attitude toward the city-state's artistic credential. ...more

What Now? Mylyn Nguyen

Art Collector (2014 Special Edition - Art Stage Singapore)
15 January 2014
Alexandra Djurichkovic

Bombus must have been very time consuming to create. What was it like to make a swarm of 300+ bees?

I made 1000 bees in an assembly line. I love processes and creating a system that only gets faster the longer you work at it. It was really satisfying to see a row of bees awaiting to be adorned with wings. ...more

Art under 5k

Art Collector (2014 Special Edition - Art Stage Singapore)
15 January 2014

We present artworks at Art Stage Singapore which you will be surprised to learn are available for $5,000 or less. ...more

Homegrown artists see brisk sales at start of Art Stage Singapore

Straits Times
15 January 2014
Deepika Shetty

Singapore's premier fair for international contemporary art kicked off on Wednesday night with unusually buoyant sales for homegrown artists.

Over 7,000 people from all over the world were invited to the vernissage for Art Stage Singapore. ...more

Exclusive First Look: Art Stage Singapore 2014

Blouin Artinfo
14 January 2014
Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop

Art Stage Singapore 2014 is opening to VIPs on Wednesday, January 15, and the general public on Thursday, January 16. Galleries were hard at work on Tuesday installing their artworks. ...more

What are Australian Galleries Bringing to Art Stage Singapore 2014?

Blouin Artinfo
13 January 2014
Nichola Forrest

Following the strong Australian presence at Art Stage Singapore 2013, the 2014 edition of the fair will once again include a significant group of Australian galleries. Art Stage Singapore 2014 will include 12 Australian galleries, seven of which will have a gallery booth, while the remaining five will be represented by artists selected to participate in the curated Australia Platform. As well as presenting a great opportunity to showcase the work of some of the country's most exciting contemporary artists, the new curated Australia Platform is evidence of the growing profile of the Australian art scene in the Asia-Pacific region. ...more

2014 Preview: Art Stage Singapore

Art Collector
January - March 2014
Lisa Corsi

The fourth edition of Art Stage Singapore 2014 will take place at Marina Bay Sands between 16 to 19 January 2014. Under the stewardship of founder and art fair director Lorenzo Rudolf, this Southeast Asian focused art fair will take a renewed approach by introducing the Platforms - a curated sales exhibition concept. ...more

Janet Parker-Smith: Little Wonders

Summer 2013
Pia Larsen

Janet Parker-Smith's show, 'Little Wonders', 18 June - 6 July 2013 at Brenda May Gallery, Sydney, brings to mind the mouse with an ear growing on its back from 1997. ...more

Two Minds and Four Hands: Todd Fuller + Mylyn Nguyen

14 November 2013
Olivia Welch

Over the past four years as a gallery assistant, I have seen my fair share of creative minds simultaneously besotted with and broken by the fruits of their tireless and often under-appreciated labour. ...more

Sugary Masterpieces

November 2013
Megan Fizell

In the visual arts, sugar can be used as a playful vehicle to express and explore serious issues. 'Sugar, Sugar', a recent exhibition housed a Brenda May Gallery in Sydney, presented the viewpoint of 10 female artists who used this enticing substance to consider the decadence of consumerism and the significance of sugar in a feminine context. ...more

Red sky at night is a doomsayer's delight

The Daily Telegraph
24 October 2013
Elizabeth Fotescue

The angry red sky above Will Coles' St Peters studio during last week's bushfires looks appropriately apocalyptic.

The sculptures in Coles' new exhibition, Death Wish, carry the load of the artist's frustration over his belief that Australia has its head in the sand on environmental issues. ...more

Sweet Sense

Trouble Magazine
October 2013
Olivia Welch

SUGAR IS AN INGREDIENT IN MANY of our experiences and memories. Megan Fizell's upcoming exhibition 'Sugar Sugar' at Brenda May Gallery explores its use in contemporary visual arts, and as a result reveals the effects of sugar as a medium in harnessing certain reactions and responses. This exhibition's allure lies in its restriction to only including works exclusively made with sugar, dealing with it as a literal substance and not just an abstract idea. ...more

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