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Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald
21-22 May 2011
Lynne Dwyer

Melinda Le Guay weaves enamelled copper wire into gossamer-fine gowns, many with pins, needles and other sharp objects in their bodice, waiting for an enchanted princess to prick her finger, or her heart. ...more

Graceful, delicate and...spiky

The Sun-Herald
24 April 2011
Andrew Taylor

At first glance, Melinda Le Guay's 'Battle Dress' is as graceful and delicate as the ballerina who will presumably wear it. Yet pity the poor dancer who dares to don a costume knitted from copper wire and thread and embellished with feathers and fishhooks. In another of her works, 'Tangle' bones are caught up in the hem of the dress. ...more

Art + Humour Me

Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald
22-24 April 2011

Some of it is whimsical, some clever and some crude. All of it is designed to provoke a chuckle. There are semi-pornographic silhouettes from Megan Keating, kooky glass sculptures from Mylyn Nguyen (pictured) and a tree wearing cardigan from Mimi Dennett. ...more


Art Monthly
April 2011
Leah Haynes

Showing in 'Art + Humour Me' - a curated group exhibition opens 12 April to 7 May at Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo. Artists include: Louisa Dawson, Todd Fuller, Megan Keating (courtesy of Criterion Gallery, Hobart). ...more

Art + Humour Me Brenda May Gallery

Time Out
April 2011

Ever get the feeling that the contemporary art world takes itself too seriously? Not so! ...more

Carol Murphy

Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald
2-3 April 2011
Lynne Dwyer

The sculptor's figurative ceramics with quirky titles will tickle the funny bone. ...more

Open Gallery

Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald
26 March 2011

The sculptor, who likes a laugh, had tongue firmly in cheek naming the seven ceramic figures in her show 'The Importance of Being Ernest...No, Enid.' ...more


Art Almanac
April 2011

Humour will elicit a response from all ages and cultures although the actions to induce it will vary from person to person. Historically, comedy has had an important place within the arts, but currently receives very little critical attention in the contemporary visual arts. 'Art + Humour Me' contains a range of artworks from sculptures and paintings to an installation of a cardigan-wearing tree.

With regard to Paris

Art Market Report
Issue 36
Todd Fuller

Up four rickety flights of old French stairs, behind a door marked '2030-Storrier Onslow National Art School Studio', sits a wearied black book...The next page of that book is reserved for 22 year old Honours graduate Todd Fuller, a sculptor, animator and drawer who exhibits with Brenda May Gallery, Sydney. ...more

Tanmaya Bingham: Winner in Mixed Media category at 'WIDE OPEN 2'

March 2011

Congratulations to Tanmaya Bingham whose work, 'Royal Kebab 1' (pictured left) won the mixed media category of the 'Wide Open 2' show at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in NYC. The exhibition, whose jury included Nat Trotman the Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, received close to sixteen hundred entries from which only ten percent were accepted. 'Wide Open 2' is on view until 27 March 2011 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. ...more

Sydney's Amusing Art

National Geographic Traveler
17 March 2011
Karen Carmichael

Sydneysiders and visitors alike can get a taste of Australian humor at the third Art + Humour exhibition next month, hosted by Brenda May Gallery in Waterloo.

Residency at La Cite International Des Arts

Nava Quarterly
March 2011
Todd Fuller

The Cite attendant opens the door, introducing me to an elegant fourth floor space. I glide open the French windows to reveal a landscape of rooftops and the vista of the spire and towers of Notre Dame Cathedral. Welcome to the Cite International Des Arts, welcome to Paris. ...more

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