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Art that says 'Eat Me'

Time Out Sydney
25 September 2012
Darryn King

Eats and arts, together at last. In time for Crave International Food Festival, check out these three new exhibitions to tantalise your artistic (and actual) tastebuds ...more

What's On...

Inner City Weekender
21 September 2012
Rachel Micallef

Artist Michael Edwards continues to explore still life in his new exhibition 'Household Objects'. By looking at the miscellany of things found in every day in a pantry, Edwards comments on life in ordinary Australia. It is showing at the Brenda May Gallery until September 29. ...more

Barkley is a noble prints for zinesters

Daily Telegraph
31 August 2012
Elizabeth Fortescue

One of the keenest rummagers at Brenda May Gallery's Zine Fest today and tomorrow will be MCA curator Glenn Barkley. ...more

Poking fun

Daily Telegraph
25 August 2012
Elizabeth Fortescue

Gallery owner Brenda May says her new exhibition is "all about fun". 'Going Gaga with Dada: A dedication to spontaneity, chaos, innovation and nonsense' will certainly open in the right spirit. ...more

Europeans and Antipodeans in the collection of Akky van Ogtrop

Winter 2012
Therese Kenyon

Light, art and generosity are what one experiences walking into Akky van Ogtrop's home. Having been invited to write about her collection for IMPRINT, I confess to a not-so-secret pleasure at being allowed to satisfy my curiosity about why and how these works came into her collection. ...more

Patsy Payne - Wraith

Art Almanac
August 2012

Payne uses environmental textures and forms as the material for creating her fragile human figures. Payne explains, "the body is a transparent screen fabricated from steel, so the form is both fragile and intrinsically strong. The interplay of positive and negative spaces metaphorically balances the dichotomies that are part of the human condition." ...more

Akky Van Ogtrop - Gaga over Dada

Eastside Radio 89.7 FM
19 July 2012
Anthea Varigos

Akky van Ogtrop was interviewed about her upcoming curated exhibition 'Going Gaga with Dada' by Anthea Varigos for Eastside Radio. ...more

Shades of Light and Dark

Virgin Blue Voyeur
July 2012

See the works of contemporary artists including, Shannon Doyle, Tanmaya Bingham, Michael Edwards, Rachel Ellison and Robert Boynes when 'Chiaroscuro' arrives at Sydney's Brenda May Gallery this month. ...more

Open Gallery - Language of the Street

Sydney Morning Herald - Spectrum
30 June - 1 July 2012
Lynne Dwyer

Robert Boynes uses a complex method of silk-screen printing and over-painting to achieve his graphic images of hoodie-wearing skaters and bros. ...more

Language of the street in paint

Canberra City News
21 June 2012
Helen Musa

CANBERRA painter and former Canberra Artist of the Year and Head of Painting at the ANU's School of Art, Robert Boynes, is excited about his new show, "Language of the Street", to open at Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks Street Waterloo in Sydney, this weekend. ...more

Hidden meanings

Newcastle Herald
19 May 2012
Jill Stowell

The four-handed exhibition at the University Gallery until June 16 brings together work by two of the area's most distinctive and accomplished artists, painter Chris Capper and sculptor Peter Tilley... ...more

Director's Forward

Artbank Now
May 2012
Geoffrey Cassidy

Will Coles 'ANZAC' 2008 is illustrated in the Director's Forward in Issue #1/2012 of Artbank Now. ...more

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