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Todd Fuller, 'Tense'

The Thousands
10 August 2011
Bethany Small

Tense is Todd Fuller's first major solo show and features drawn and film work, as well as the tutued and bunny-suited chubby little ceramic blokes (named things like Damo, Dave, and A God for the Gays III) by which he was represented in last year's NAS grad show and a couple of group exhibitions. ...more

Surrounded and feeling a bit tense

9 August 2011

National Art School graduate Todd Fuller may look laid-back, but his creations are anything but. ...more

Man's World

Virgin Blue Voyeur Magazine
August 2011

As an unconventional Australian male sculptor, Todd Fuller draws on his experiences to show the personal struggles and private dramas of men. ...more

A Moment With Todd Fuller

Pen & Paper Issue 9
July 2011

Todd Fuller is a fat bald man in a bunny suit. Not really, he is actually a twenty two year old graduate of the National Art School who now works as a curator, teacher and artist. ...more

Lust in Waterloo

SX Magazine
July 2011

A stellar group of artists take on the concept of 'lust' in a stunning exhibition curated by Gordon Elliott at Brenda May Gallery in Waterloo. ...more

Draw out the inner beast

Metro Art - Sydney Morning Herald
24 June 2011
Andrew Frost

'A Marvelous Transformation' stitches fantasy and reality together, writes Andrew Frost. ...more


Art Monthly
July 2011
Leah Haynes

Todd Fuller, 'Lust' 2011, showing in 'Lust', a group exhibition at Brenda May Gallery from 5 to 30 July, curated by Gordon Elliott. ...more

Carol Murphy

Art Market Report
May 2011

Brenda May Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, 9318 1122. Tue-Fri, 11am-6pm; Sat, 10am-6pm. ...more


Australian Art Collector Website
23 May 2011
Jane O'Sullivan

The National Association for the Visual Arts has announced the five young winners of its Curator Mentorship Initiative, which provides funds and support for a three to 12 month mentorship at a gallery, art institution of university. ...more


Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald
21-22 May 2011
Lynne Dwyer

Melinda Le Guay weaves enamelled copper wire into gossamer-fine gowns, many with pins, needles and other sharp objects in their bodice, waiting for an enchanted princess to prick her finger, or her heart. ...more

Graceful, delicate and...spiky

The Sun-Herald
24 April 2011
Andrew Taylor

At first glance, Melinda Le Guay's 'Battle Dress' is as graceful and delicate as the ballerina who will presumably wear it. Yet pity the poor dancer who dares to don a costume knitted from copper wire and thread and embellished with feathers and fishhooks. In another of her works, 'Tangle' bones are caught up in the hem of the dress. ...more

Art + Humour Me

Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald
22-24 April 2011

Some of it is whimsical, some clever and some crude. All of it is designed to provoke a chuckle. There are semi-pornographic silhouettes from Megan Keating, kooky glass sculptures from Mylyn Nguyen (pictured) and a tree wearing cardigan from Mimi Dennett. ...more

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