dLux Media Arts presents 'Scanlines remix'

- Black Box Projects, 2014

25 February to 10 May

dLux MediaArts presents 'Scanlines remix', a selection of Australian video art by contemporary established and emerging artists in parallel with works drawn from the dLux archive spanning thirty years of media arts practice.

The exhibition, curated by Sarah Vandepeer, aims to showcase the dynamism and variety of contemporary video practices and locate them within the recent tradition of Australian media art histories. Embracing current practitioners, the exhibition highlights artists who have Australia-wide and international significance.

Scanlines remix is informed by the Scanlines online database, which brings together information about Australian video artists, curators, organisations and events since the 1960s. Material on this site has been compiled from several important archives relating to video art, including the dLux MediaArts d/Archive, the archives of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Stephen Jones Archive of Art & Technology in Australia.

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In Tandem

- curated by Olivia Welch, 2014

22 April to 17 May

Although artistic partnerships are abundant in the art world, not all are alike. In Tandem, curated by Olivia Welch, began with the pairing of six of Brenda May Gallery’s represented artists to form three duos who have interpreted this brief of collective creation in differing ways. Where Mylyn Nguyen and Todd Fuller have collaborated to create joint narratives of whimsy and curiosity through sculpture, Al Munro and Waratah Lahy have worked in conversation with one another, using aesthetic and thematic crossovers as a point of departure to realise individual bodies of work. Leslie Oliver and Melinda Le Guay have demonstrated another type of artistic relationship, collecting and swapping items with one another that will compose works reflective of their mutual obsession with rescuing materials.

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Melinda Le Guay

- Material matters, 2014

22 April to 17 May

As I focus on, or move from one activity to another in my domestic realm, I am always gathering and processing materials to do with my practice; everyday ‘stuff’ provides a lot of matter I use in my art-making. In collaboration with these disparate materials, the processes I employ are also the ones I use in my home, my studio.

Gathering, cleaning, drying, pressing, sorting and ordering are time consuming, contemplative and compelling. When ordered, the matter takes on the appearance of a collection.

In conjunction with other materials, the inherent qualities of each part pose interesting challenges, sometimes resulting in unplanned outcomes.

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- a group exhibition, 2014

22 April to 17 May

An intimate exhibition looking at contemporary interpretations of the landscape. This exhibition features work by Melinda Le Guay, Anne Penman Sweet, Mark Stewart, Peter Tilley and Nicole Welch

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Head On Photo Festival presents Prizes for Multimedia

- Black Box Projects, 2014

13 May to 7 June

The Head On Prizes for Multimedia is the newest prize that forms part of the acclaimed Head On Awards which are the centrepiece of Head On Photo Festival.

Head On is Australia’s largest photography festival celebrating excellence in all genres from photo-artists from across the globe and provides a major platform for discovering new talent, re- discovering established artists, and exploring new technologies and ideas.

The Festival is presented by Head On Foundation, a not-for- profit organisation that aims to promote photo-art, encourage excellence and innovation and raise awareness of important issues through the art of photography.


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Leslie Oliver

- Walking Sticks - Crooks, Staves and Scepters, 2014

20 May to 14 June

As a person ultimately drawn to making sculpture, I have always enjoyed a direct connection to simple physical objects. As a boy I had pet stones and took delight in feeling their weight and smooth cool surface in my hand. I also went on many walks and hiking camps and would find myself a special stick to carry and befriend. Around a campfire I would decorate it with burn marks made with hot wire. I was also brought up on the stories of Moses and had images of his staff parting the waters or turning into a serpent. All these things play a part in the my personal pleasure of making ‘walking sticks’.

Helen Mueller

- ships in the night, 2014

20 May to 14 June

Humble pods pass us by unnoticed, to deliver their cargo of life. They are like ships in the night. Once spent, they vanish, their beauty and importance unacknowledged. In making this work, I wanted to halt their disappearance, pay them close attention, and celebrate their wonder.

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- An excerpt from the private collections of Gordon Elliott & Jeff Hinch, 2014

17 June to 12 July

"I could not imagine living in a house with blank walls... my collection is how I can express myself, it is a representation of who I am."

- Jeff Hinch, 2013

"I like collecting both established and emerging artists and feel that my connection with the art is the important issue... Art works find their own place in our home."

- Gordon Elliott, 2013

Waratah Lahy

15 July to 9 August

My current work explores ideas of inside and outside, internal and external. I am depicting physical as well as emotional spaces through an investigation of colour, composition and pattern. I am interested in everyday scenes, focussing on details that are rich in mood, conveying an experience of place and time.

Anne Penman Sweet

- Through Uncertain Lands, 2014

15 July to 9 August

In this exhibition I seek to evoke some of the excitement and foreboding encountered upon entering new and strange terrains – landscapes that lie undisturbed and unloved, forgotten and forsaken.

In these uncertain lands there is an otherworldly presence, disorienting yet compelling, silently making itself known and felt. In the midst of this disorientation one can momentarily lose one’s bearings, and with it a sense of certainty and security.

Thus, temporarily lost, briefly unbalanced, one can find oneself suddenly immersed in a new and enigmatic, luminous and unknown world.

‘I could see the shape of the land, how it lay holding silence’ Annie Dillard, Teaching a Stone to talk: Expeditions and Encounters

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Mylyn Nguyen

- So bear folded me a paper boat, packed my lunch, pointed west and told me to go and learn something, 2014

12 August to 6 September

I hide behind Wolf because he is stronger than I am. Bear is wiser than I am. Wren has flight and freedom. Snail is my karma and Bees and Beetles see more gardens. I hide behind spiders because they are more delicate than I am and more humble than I am. Whales are life savers. Octopus is a problem solver. Catfish has direction.

Jacek Wańkowski

- Carapace, 2014

12 August to 6 September

Carapace extends my investigations on perception, on things that engage the forces of nature and on things that change and grow. These sculptures pursue that moment between balance and flight, causing the precise distribution of mass, form and space to activate the piece.

Inspired by observations of the natural marine world, these works embody complexity, movement and a sense of motion frozen in time. Reduced to their minimalist constituents, they explore the tension reflected in the sudden actions and/or reactions of small oceanic creatures to external stimuli.

Todd Fuller

- The line we walk, 2014

9 September to 4 October

To scratch the surface, to make a mark, to fold, to erase, to bend, to bleed.

Drawing is a personal obsession, through it I dissect the world its occupants and my relationship to these elements. The line we walk is a series of animated portraits, studies of movement and experiments with the drawn animation practice which has obsessed me for the last five years.

Carol Murphy

- La Baigneuse, 2014

9 September to 4 October

This exhibition references the depiction of the bather in art history, but using the medium of ceramics. It is a further examination of the sculptural form in various poses at rest and play. The figures are clad in vintage to modern day bathing costumes including some imaginary outfits! Which further adds to it being, a frolicsome look at the concept of swimwear.

Flatline presents 'Studies in Motion'

- Black Box Projects, 2014

9 September to 4 October

Flatline is an interdisciplinary collective, at its core is Brenda May Gallery artist, Todd Fuller and dancer/choreographer, Carl Sciberras. Together they merge the values of their respective genres to create a new dance/art hybrid. In Flatline’s first solo exhibition and performance in the Gallery, they will present the results of four years of experimentation. Ideas including dance as a catalyst for animation, point and space, line and the body, drawing on performance and dance as a vessel for mark making.

Greer Taylor

- out of rain, 2014

9 September to 4 October

Rain has such magical qualities that not only engage with all our senses, it delivers from the ‘heavens’ the essential ingredient required to make the life on our planet possible (who is to know what is required elsewhere?)…

'out of rain' is an exploration of rain: rhythm, repetition, transparency, possibilities.

Like rain, small repeated elements combine to build pattern and form: from knitted wire to arrangements of simple elements into transparent curtains or windows.

In our built shelters (gallery, home, office) we are ‘out of rain’ – sheltered from getting wet, the structure preventing rain from reaching the soil beneath… a soil now parched and barren of life and stripped of potential.

March 2014

Tanmaya Bingham

- I got my mom's boobs, 2014

7 October to 1 November

Threading neon strips of paint through my twisted and macabre take on mothers, daughters and their pets, I got my mom’s boobs, reveals a resemblance of the subjects whilst also highlighting the mystery of the relationship’s dynamics. Interactions allude to a society that rejects the physical reality of the aging process, where ‘expired’ older women hope to be validated through their daughters’ beauty and youth.

Division lines within these colored pencil and mixed media works will extend onto the walls, converging into large geometric shapes. The technically refined renderings of the warped, mutated and exaggerated figures are set against contrasting backgrounds, creating electrifying compositions.

Al Munro

- Systems of the Infinite, 2014

7 October to 1 November

Systems of the Infinite, continues my interest in pattern systems and their relationship to the natural world. I draw on both traditional Japanese patterning and scientific visualisations to explore the mapping and cataloguing of nature.

Sybil Curtis

- Structures in the Landscape, 2014

4 to 29 November

When travelling through the flat, monotonous country of inland Australia, agricultural and mining structures are often visible for a considerable distance, rising like giant sculptures out of a flat plain: three-dimensional forms intersecting horizontal lines.

On an abstract level, I continue to use touches of red and yellow which vibrate with more energy when surrounded by subtle browns and greys, rather than combined with other strong colours.

Elephant in the Room

- Animal Welfare League fundraising exhibition, 2014

4 to 29 November

A portion of the sales in this exhibition, depicting critters, creatures and canines, will directly benefit the Animal Welfare League NSW. The Gallery will donate 20% of each sale to the AWL to support them in caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals. AWL has been in operation for over 50 years and maintains two shelters, a veterinary clinic and twelve branches of volunteers and we are delighted to be able to support them.

Christmas Show

- $1,000 and under, 2014

2 to 20 December

To celebrate the end of another year and continuing in the tradition of the ever popular Access and Brenda May Gallery Birthday Show, the Gallery presents a special Christmas Show.

Included in the exhibition will be works from our represented and supported artists, made especially for the occasion.

As in previous years, the show will be unavailable for previews and will open at 6pm sharp on Tuesday 2 December with all the works for sale priced at $1,000 and under. We hope you can join us for what has proved to be an exciting exhibition.