Todd Fuller

- Studies in Motion, 2014

9 September to 4 October

Drawing is a personal obsession, through it I dissect the world its occupants and my relationship to these elements. 'Studies in Motion' is a series resulting from two years collaboration with Carl Sciberras and our collective Flatline. It features studies of choreographic sequences, their physics, energetic states and an intuitive response to the two. Furthermore it is a series of experiments with the drawn animation practice which has obsessed me for the last five years.

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Carol Murphy

- La Baigneuse, 2014

9 September to 4 October

This exhibition references the depiction of the bather in art history, but using the medium of ceramics. It is a further examination of the sculptural form in various poses at rest and play. The figures are clad in vintage to modern day bathing costumes including some imaginary outfits! Which further adds to it being, a frolicsome look at the concept of swimwear.

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Flatline presents 'A dance for Paul Klee'

- Black Box Projects, 2014

9 September to 4 October

Just like drawing, dance can be the process of taking a line for a walk...

Flatline is an interdisciplinary collective, at its core is Brenda May Gallery artist, Todd Fuller and dancer/choreographer, Carl Sciberras. Together they merge the values of their respective genres to create works which are a new dance/art hybrid. 'A Dance for Paul Klee' is a choreographic score forged from the logic of mark making after several drawing classes with a group of dancers. The piece is filmed on a beach made famous by Arthur Boyd and then articulated by a hand drawn transcription of itself. The culmination of these elements sees art and dance augment one another while taking part in a filmic duet of sorts.

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Greer Taylor

- out of rain, 2014

9 September to 4 October

Rain has magical qualities that not only engage with all our senses, it delivers from the 'heavens' the essential ingredient required to make the life on our planet possible (who is to know what is required elsewhere?)…

out of rain has a triple meaning:
- under our roof we are sheltered "out of rain"
- what comes "out of rain"? - new growth
- what happens when we are "out of rain"? - desert

The works in out of rain refer in some way to this triple meaning together with reference to the 'lifecycle' of water: rain, clouds, mist, deluge, its seepage into the earth - to comment about cutting off supply.

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Tanmaya Bingham

- English Tea Party...gone wrong, 2014

7 October to 1 November

My 'English Tea Party…gone wrong' is an installation that typifies an ongoing epidemic plaguing Great Britain; TEA, the most sought after narcotic on the British market, and the drug of choice in the United Kingdom since the 18th century.

In this installation addicts have gather together for the ritualistic “Tea Party”…but something has gone wrong. The degradation of the party becomes apparent in its’ aftermath as each junkie is feeling the adverse effects and ramifications of overdosing on tea.

Group scenes of these individuals’ highs and lows are captured in large drawings tacked to the wall. Extruding out from the base of each drawing, across the floor, are low banquet tables covered in white tablecloths. Each table has disheveled tea and tea paraphernalia randomly distributed between mounds of scones, jam and random objects. This installation is just one example of what is happening on a large scale throughout England.

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Al Munro

- Systems of the Infinite, 2014

7 October to 1 November

'Systems of the Infinite' continues my interest in pattern systems and their relationship to the natural world. I draw on both traditional Japanese patterning and scientific visualisations to explore the mapping and cataloguing of nature. The pattern structures and colour codes make reference to scientific technologies, but also to the understandings of patterns from visual practices such as textiles, ceramics and architecture.

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Daniel Connell, 'Night Light'

- Black Box Projects, 2014

7 October to 1 November

The project captures the ability of indicator and stand-by lights to signify and recall space. Standby lights can be abstracted into navigation points in order for an individual to recognise familiar spaces when nothing else can be seen. The imagination acts upon space, referencing indicator lights as a signifier to determine where things are, or where things should be. Collectively, indicator and stand-by lights are experienced in the form of personal constellations; constellations that become a second nature to the occupants of an inhabited space.

Standby and indicator lights are collected and charted across a wall. They cluster and disperse in accordance with their observed relationship to one another. Lights are abstracted to engender the unseen spaces they reside in.

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Sybil Curtis

- Structures in the Landscape, 2014

4 to 29 November

When travelling through the flat, monotonous country of inland Australia, agricultural and mining structures are often visible for a considerable distance, rising like giant sculptures out of a flat plain: three-dimensional forms intersecting horizontal lines.

On an abstract level, I continue to use touches of red and yellow which vibrate with more energy when surrounded by subtle browns and greys, rather than combined with other strong colours.

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Elephant in the Room

- Animal Welfare League fundraising exhibition, 2014

4 to 29 November

A portion of the sales in this exhibition, depicting critters, creatures and canines, will directly benefit the Animal Welfare League NSW. The Gallery will donate 20% of each sale to the AWL to support them in caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals. AWL has been in operation for over 50 years and maintains two shelters, a veterinary clinic and twelve branches of volunteers and we are delighted to be able to support them.

Artists include Sybil Curtis, Amanda Davies, Todd Fuller, Jody Graham, Claude Jones, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Waratah Lahy, Helen Mueller, Mylyn Nguyen, Uracha Oliver, Janet Parker-Smith, Patsy Payne, Hanna Tai, Lezlie Tilley, Peter Tilley, and Nicole Welch.

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Christmas Show

- New and Original Works for $1,000, 2014

2 to 20 December

To celebrate the end of another year and continuing in the tradition of the ever popular Access and Brenda May Gallery Birthday Show, the Gallery presents a special Christmas Show.

Included in the exhibition will be works from our represented and supported artists, made especially for the occasion.

As in previous years, the show will be unavailable for previews and will open at 6pm sharp on Tuesday 2 December with all the works for sale generously priced by the artists at $1,000 for the duration of the show. We hope you can join us for what has proved to be an exciting exhibition.

Art Stage Singapore

- Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre, 2015

22 to 25 January

Across fifteen panels, ‘Long Take – Slow Dissolve' encapsulates the aesthetic and energy of a contemporary, urban environment. Though the artist uses layers of iconography that are site-specific, such as the National Gallery of Victoria's ‘water-wall’ and a veil of hanging ping-pong balls installed at the end of a tiny alley in Melbourne, Robert Boynes' work evokes the overall energy of the big city, imaging no particular place and therefore lending itself to reflect any modern metropolis. Fractured imagery of crowds, references to the chaotic noise of communication, glowing fluorescent lights and junctions of human interaction are composed in a linear narrative - colours and shapes radiating from the canvases throughout the strip. The heat and activity of many of the panels in ‘Long Take – Slow Dissolve' are grounded and juxtaposed with moments of strong colour and texture, though a definite emphasis on the human form in relation to urban spaces is always evident. Though each canvas is compiled of multiple layers, they exist as fleeting moments; peripheral glimpses of a familiar city-scape.

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Sculpture 2015

- Sculpture Park, 2015

28 January to 14 February

The 2015 edition of our annual sculpture exhibition will feature artworks that are capable of withstanding the elements. As these works are intended for outdoor settings, curatorial attention will be particularly paid to functionality, scale, construction and visual impact.

Scheduled each January, this show continues the tradition of opening our year with an exhibition seeking to exhibit the best and most interesting contemporary sculpture. Although there are no restrictions for this exhibition, we will only consider work made by professional sculptors that has not previously been exhibited in Sydney.

Small Publishers

- curated by Akky van Ogtrop, 2015

17 February to 14 March

"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some are to be chewed and digested."
(Francis Bacon in "Bacon’s Essays" by Francis Bacon and Richard Whately, 1857)

Artists' books can be handcrafted or commercially printed; unique, or in limited or unlimited editions. Forms range from the traditional codex to sculptural works, or they may have audio, video, installation, online and performance components.. Many artists' books are self-published, or are produced by small presses or by artists' groups or collectives, usually in limited editions.

Janet Parker-Smith

- Questionable Intentions, 2015

17 February to 14 March

My recent work extends my fascination with humans and nature and their boundless capacity for re-invention and rejuvenation. Using the transmutation of humans and animals, morphology and the desolation of our environment the work explores the human collective chaotic and purposeless existence on the universe. While the works appear absurd in their construction they engage with representation, evolution and metamorphosis. They show animals and humans that could be described as halfway between life and death. They are detached souls – not harmonious in character. They are stuck somewhere between the artificial and the uncultivated, and the wonderful and the outrageous.