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Recent Exhibitions

Robert Boynes in Contour 556

- Interventions in the Landscape, 2016

22 October to 13 November

"Contour 556: interventions in the landscape", is a new public art festival on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra from 22 October to 13 November. Curated by Neil Hobbs, the exhibition features 50 national and international artists. Robert Boynes new work, 'A Bigger Concern', will be on view in the former NGA Contemporary building at Reconciliation Place.

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Waratah Lahy at ANU School of Art

- SOA PRO, 2016

19 October to 29 October

SOA PRO is an exhibition that showcases recent works by professional and technical staff of The ANU School of Art.

A strong cross section of different modes of working and thinking; varying in discipline, materials and attitudes towards making.This exhibition highlights the artist’s individual relationship to process and engagement, the physical interaction of surface and material and combines knowledge with the instinctual.

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Grayson Cooke, 'Old Growth'

- Black Box Projects, 2016

1 to 27 October

'Old Growth' is an environmental critique and material enquiry, it consists of three video works, each of which explores different effects of resource extraction or anthropogenic climate change. Each work consists of time-lapse photography of film media being chemically degraded.

'Frack' explores "virtual fracking" - it uses chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing to dissolve photographs of sedimentary rock. 'Deforest' uses sulphuric acid (which burns to the touch) to melt photographs of old growth rainforest. 'Bleach' uses a range of bleaching agents to dissolve photographs of the Great Barrier Reef.

Each work operates as a kind of media analogue for humanity's effects on the environment; hydrochloric acid, for example, is used in fracking to dissolve fissures in sedimentary rock, and in this project it "fracks" the emulsion, seeking the "fissures" in the image where less silver is deposited on the celluloid. The project uses photographic media and corrosive chemicals to "materialize" environmental degradation along different channels than the documentary record. The ruination of the image and its relation to the environment lies at the core of this project.

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Catherine O'Donnell

- Drawn in Fairfield, 2016

1 to 27 October

My drawings are an exploration of architecture, culture, history, and the urban environment with a current focus on 1960/70s housing estates. At first glance, the aesthetic qualities of these utilitarian dwellings may not be evident, these buildings are not always given the same value as other housing and have become a cultural signifier of lower socioeconomic communities across Western Sydney.

Through my drawings I aim to extract a sense of humanity drawn from the fact that these are homes, along with the more formal aesthetics of these buildings. I employ realism as a catalyst to ignite the imagination of the viewer and invite them to look beyond the mundane and banal. To revisit these spaces imaginatively and find the aesthetic poetry embedded within the suburban landscape, while at the same time disrupting cultural prejudices that prevent people from seeing the underlying elegance of these simple buildings.

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Ray Haydon

- Fluid Dynamics, 2016

1 to 27 October

This October at Brenda May Gallery, Auckland-based artist Ray Haydon will display new cursive sculptures in his first Australian solo exhibition. Although his oeuvre includes large-scale, outdoor and kinetic sculptures, Fluid Dynamics will primarily focus on Haydon’s smaller scale free-standing and wall-mounted works that create flowing forms from carbon fibre and timber veneer. The twists and turns of these pieces allow them to be viewed from a multitude of angles, each perspective offering an alternate sense of motion and energy. With smooth contours and seamless finishes, the sculptures of Ray Haydon are not complicated or chaotic, rather these curling interventions in space embody fluidity via their clarity of form, the transformation of stunning materials and the Artist’s impeccable articulation.

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Nicole Welch at Parliament House, Canberra

- Length and Breadth: new acquisitions from the Parliament House art collection, 2016

22 September to 13 November

Nicole Welch’s film “East West” is on view in the Presiding Officer’s Exhibition Area at Parliament House, Canberra in the exhibition Length and Breadth: new acquisitions from the Parliament House art collection

From the Flinders Ranges to the Darling Downs, Bathurst Harbour to Broken Hill, this exhibition features a selection of contemporary Australian artworks acquired by Parliament House since 2013. Focusing on images of landscape, both real and imagined, from across the vast Australian continent.

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