RECENT Exhibitions

Nicole Welch at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury, 2016

1 July to 14 August

Beginning in her home of Bathurst and finishing in Albury, NSW, Nicole Welch draws on historic archives and journals to create a series of hauntingly beautiful photographs and video works tracing colonial pathways into the eastern interior of New South Wales. The resulting images reveal the layered histories that inform our present-day relationship to country through the placement and projection of colonial era objects and words into the landscape.

Presented in partnership with Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

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Todd Fuller at Dark MOFO

- Neither Here Nor There, 2016

15 to 19 June

Presented by Constance ARI - Curated by Rebecca Holmes.

As a part of the Museum of Old and New Art's 'Dark MOFO' midwinter festival, Constance ARI presents 'Neither Here Nor There'. Taking place within the tunnels beneath Railway Roundabout (aka. Fountain Roundabout) in Hobart, this free display of creativity utilises the depth and darkness of this space.

Todd Fuller's newest hand-drawn film 'pink eclipse' was created in collaboration with Karin Chan. It animates the courtship between dog and moon. This unlikely love story was selected to be a part of MOFO's underground experience.

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Op Art

- curated group exhibition, 2016

11 June to 7 July

This exhibition will cause flat lines to seemingly buckle, stationary colours to bleed and intersect, concavity to be created within even surfaces, afterimages to appear and motion to arise from stillness. Patterns will vibrate, concentric circles will quiver and depth will be deceptive. Op Art has appeared throughout many art historical movements, including Cubism, Constructivism and Dadaism. It is a genre that explores the varying illusionary optical effects that can be influenced by manipulating geometrical shapes and repeating colours. Perception differs from reality, revealing flaws within the human retina's ability to always see things as they are. Contemporary artists continue to be fascinated by this genre, incorporating scientific and mathematical principles, formations found in nature, colour-theory, inspiration from technological advancements, as well as new media equipment, to further explore this area of ocular inquiry.

Artists include Joel Arthur, John Aslanidis (Gallery 9), Lincoln Austin (Andrew Baker Art Dealer), Lee Bethel, Marion Borgelt (Dominik Mersch Gallery), Julie Brooke, Debra Dawes, Caroline Durré, Sophia Egarchos, Justin Harvey, Jacob Leary (Flinders Lane Gallery), Al Munro, Paul Snell (Gallery 9), Greer Taylor, Lezlie Tilley, and George Tjungurrayi (Utopia Art Sydney).

Curated by Megan Fizell and Brenda May.

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Robert Boynes

- Depot II Gallery, 2016

1 June to 23 July

A selection of paintings from the 1990s to recent work from 2015.

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Catherine O'Donnell at Fairfield Museum and Gallery

- Drawn in Fairfield, 2016

21 May to 6 August

My drawings are an exploration of the architecture; culture and history of the urban environment with a focus on the iconic 1960/70s architecture of the low income housing built around the middle of the 20th Century. At first glance the qualities of these utilitarian dwellings may not be evident as all too often these houses are not always given the same value as other housing and have become a cultural signifies of lower socioeconomic communities across Western Sydney.

I see the housing in these suburbs as full of connection and disconnection, sameness and difference; the structures I draw become signifiers of human existence, as well as memories, dreams and shared experiences. While my drawings may appear to be an attempt to make an objective representation of dwellings from Western Sydney housing, for me there is a deeper personal connection, which drives me to spend endless hours in the studio in an attempt to elevate these dwellings from the chaos of their surroundings, highlighting the abstract geometric qualities of the architecture, which I find so compelling.

Through my drawings I aim to extract both the sense of humanity that comes with the fact that people live in these buildings and the more formal aesthetics of these places. I employ realism as a catalyst to ignite the imagination of the viewer and invite them to look beyond the mundane and banal. To revisit these spaces imaginatively and find the aesthetic poetry embedded within the suburban landscape, while at the same time disrupting cultural prejudices which prevent people from seeing the underlying elegance of these simple buildings.

With this in mind The Drawn in Fairfield exhibition has focused my attention on the housing within the Fairfield LGA and for the first time has given me the opportunity to include interviews with the people who currently reside in these homes. The interviews were conducted with the help of Naomi McCarthy who invited the resident to share their experiences and memories of the house they live in. Some histories go back many years and others reflected on a shorter history, but all had their own unique story to tell about their time in their Fairfield homes.

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Benjamin Storch

- Resonance, 2016

14 May to 9 June

Inspired by imagery of dynamical systems in nature and science, my work has been revolving around fluid, orbital loops for a good number of years.

Physically, the tactile sensation of shaping the twisting curvatures is part of my attachment to the process and the resulting forms. Conceptually and spiritually, I had a sense that on some level our actions and reactions are not that different from a trajectory circling around attractive and repulsive forces; a fluid, sensitive, non-confrontational response to the world and our internal contradictions.

The exhibition will feature some new works in copper and stainless steel.

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