RECENT Exhibitions

Sculpture 2015

- Sculpture Park, 2015

28 January to 14 February

The 2015 edition of our annual sculpture exhibition will feature artworks that are capable of withstanding the elements. As these works are intended for outdoor settings, curatorial attention will be particularly paid to functionality, scale, construction and visual impact.

Scheduled each January, this show continues the tradition of opening our year with an exhibition seeking to exhibit the best and most interesting contemporary sculpture. Although there are no restrictions for this exhibition, we will only consider work made by professional sculptors that has not previously been exhibited in Sydney.

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Daniel Connell, 'Obsolete'

- Black Box Projects, 2015

28 January to 14 February

Daniel Connell tailored a dress made from polyvinyl acetate to create his video piece ‘Obsolete’. This material, whilst being synthetic, a product of the contemporary age, possesses none of the longevity you’d expect –as rain falls, the material dissolves against the skin of the protagonist as she meanders through a landscape of dense undergrowth. In doing so, a gesture is staged in recourse to a set of modern values where the object is not always seen for it’s immediate worth.

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Art Stage Singapore

- Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre, 2015

22 to 25 January

Across fifteen panels, ‘Long Take – Slow Dissolve' encapsulates the aesthetic and energy of a contemporary, urban environment. Though the artist uses layers of iconography that are site-specific, such as the National Gallery of Victoria's ‘water-wall’ and a veil of hanging ping-pong balls installed at the end of a tiny alley in Melbourne, Robert Boynes' work evokes the overall energy of the big city, imaging no particular place and therefore lending itself to reflect any modern metropolis. Fractured imagery of crowds, references to the chaotic noise of communication, glowing fluorescent lights and junctions of human interaction are composed in a linear narrative - colours and shapes radiating from the canvases throughout the strip. The heat and activity of many of the panels in ‘Long Take – Slow Dissolve' are grounded and juxtaposed with moments of strong colour and texture, though a definite emphasis on the human form in relation to urban spaces is always evident. Though each canvas is compiled of multiple layers, they exist as fleeting moments; peripheral glimpses of a familiar city-scape.

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Christmas Show

- New Works for $1000, 2014

2 to 20 December

To celebrate the end of another year and continuing in the tradition of the ever popular Access and Brenda May Gallery Birthday Show, the Gallery presents a special Christmas Show.

Included in the exhibition will be works from our represented and supported artists, made especially for the occasion. All sold work will be remove and replaced so do check back.

As in previous years, the show will open at 6pm sharp on Tuesday 2 December with all the works for sale generously priced by the artists at $1,000 for the duration of the show. We hope you can join us for what has proved to be an exciting and fun exhibition.

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Robert Boynes

- Paintings from the 1960s - 1970s

London Calling...

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Sybil Curtis

- Structures in the Landscape, 2014

4 to 29 November

When travelling through the flat, monotonous country of inland Australia, agricultural and mining structures are often visible for a considerable distance, rising like giant sculptures out of a flat plain: three-dimensional forms intersecting horizontal lines.

On an abstract level, I continue to use touches of red and yellow which vibrate with more energy when surrounded by subtle browns and greys, rather than combined with other strong colours.

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