RECENT Exhibitions

Todd Fuller at Glasshouse Regional Gallery

- Inside the Line, 2016

15 July to 28 August

Todd Fuller is a graduate of Sydney's National Art School. His practice integrates sculpture, animation, drawing, and painting to construct layered, multi-disciplinary narratives exploring themes of life, love, and loss. His films are hand-drawn and the thousands of stills each animation requires are painstakingly created one frame at a time.

Fuller has exhibited extensively internationally and locally, including Canberra's National Portrait Gallery and Deakin University among others. He has been awarded the Storrier/Onslow residency to the Cité International des Arts in Paris and the William Fletcher Travelling Fellowship to the British School at Rome. Fuller is represented by Brenda May Gallery.

A Glasshouse Regional Gallery Exhibition.

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Erica Seccombe, 'Metamorphosis'

- Black Box Projects, 2016

9 July to 4 August

In 'Metamorphosis', I explore of one of the great mysteries of life through the transformation of fly larvae in an immersive stereoscopic projection. Maggots are more commonly associated with death and decay, but like caterpillars they undergo a stage of transition before emerging as exquisite insects.

For this installation, I visualised and animated virtual pupa data captured through the science of 3D Microcomputed X-ray Tomography led by forensic research at the Natural History Museum in London. This new work is a result of my collaborative relationship with key researchers in visualising 3D and 4D data captured with Micro-CT at the NHM Imaging and Analysis Centre. My 2015 residency at the Centre was supported by an artsACT project grant.

My practice encompasses a range of photographic media in both traditional print, digital platforms and interdisciplinary research. My investigations of frontier scientific visualisation technologies has forged new territory with the science of Micro-CT. I am a pioneer of 3D and 4D Micro-CT visualisation using Drishti volume rendering software at the ANU Department of Applied Mathematics. In 2015, I was awarded the inaugural Paramour Prize for Art and Innovation and am a recipient of the 2011 Synapse residency grant through ANAT.

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Kevin McKay

- So Bondi, 2016

9 July to 4 August

This series of small oil paintings responds to the striking architecture and colours of Sydney's famous beachside suburb, along with the accoutrements of urban living - traffic lights, parking meters, and wheelie bins. I frequently paint en plein air and for this series, turned my back to the beach to record the man-made environment that clings to its margins. Significant landmarks and back street views are recorded with the fidelity of a portrait painter. The everyday is illuminated however, with a theatrical quality, as carefully considered compositions provide the stage for the atmospheric play of light.

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Dion Horstmans

- Heavy Metal, 2016

9 July to 4 August

"Heavy Metal" brings together works from three ongoing series by Sydney sculptor, Dion Horstmans. Wall mounted and freestanding, Horstmans's multi-dimensional sculptures are crafted using precious and base metals. "Heavy Metal" includes works in gold, bronze, black nickel, copper, and steel.

Horstmans's obsession with contrasting ideas (flow and stasis, light and shadow) is built upon in "Heavy Metal" as he examines the notion of strength, weakness, and the passing of time. Malleable precious metals that will tarnish and corrode sit alongside Horstmans's trademark steel structures - a material renowned for its strength and longevity.

Shadow, the overarching theme in Horstmans's practice, transforms works and marks the passing of time; the impermanence of precious metals highlights this notion. Metallic lustres are exploited - areas are polished to produce brilliant illumination while others are left dull and raw. Light is captured and reflected, darkness is omnipresent and time is frozen in Horstmans's tangible, static shadows.

Traditional tribal patterns and motifs underpin Horstmans's entire body of work and these bold studies of line and shadow are a respectful nod to his Islander heritage. Shapes are revealed as the viewer moves around each work - a constant dynamism that embodies Horstmans's infinite energy.

Text by Harriet Morgan

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Nicole Welch at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

- Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury, 2016

1 July to 14 August

Beginning in her home of Bathurst and finishing in Albury, NSW, Nicole Welch draws on historic archives and journals to create a series of hauntingly beautiful photographs and video works tracing colonial pathways into the eastern interior of New South Wales. The resulting images reveal the layered histories that inform our present-day relationship to country through the placement and projection of colonial era objects and words into the landscape.

Presented in partnership with Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

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Todd Fuller at Dark MOFO

- Neither Here Nor There, 2016

15 to 19 June

Presented by Constance ARI - Curated by Rebecca Holmes.

As a part of the Museum of Old and New Art's 'Dark MOFO' midwinter festival, Constance ARI presents 'Neither Here Nor There'. Taking place within the tunnels beneath Railway Roundabout (aka. Fountain Roundabout) in Hobart, this free display of creativity utilises the depth and darkness of this space.

Todd Fuller's newest hand-drawn film 'pink eclipse' was created in collaboration with Karin Chan. It animates the courtship between dog and moon. This unlikely love story was selected to be a part of MOFO's underground experience.

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