Will Coles + James Guppy Artist Talks

On Saturday, our represented artists Will Coles and James Guppy gave wonderful talks about their current exhibitions. We are happy to share a few quotes from each talk.

“the internet is the best thing since the printing press”
“I try to make work for the people… That’s why I make multiples and stick them on the street”
“I use familiar objects to make a connection with people… Then they see the word… And it makes them think”

“These paintings are about flight and gravity…”
“In this painting… There is some strange sort of equilibrium…within the struggle”
“I think some of the most important decisions I make are the ones I make with my unconscious”
Q.”Why do you put ash on your figures?” A. “I looked at indigenous cultures and loved the way that they transform themselves just by applying ochre or dirt to their bodies… My work talks a lot about transformation”

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