New in the Stockroom: Mylyn Nguyen ‘Bottle a Tree + Girl’

Mylyn Nguyen, ‘Bottle A Tree + Girl’ series 2011, glass bottle, dirt, sponge, twig, w/c + ink on paper, 8.5 x 4 x 3cm variable each

Now available in the Gallery stockroom are twelve new additions to the ‘Bottle A Tree + Girl’ series by Mylyn Nguyen. The series was first shown as part of her 2010 solo exhibition Into the woods, past the giant, down the well, over the golden hay. The small sculptures embody Nguyen‘s sense of playfulness in her work and one features the greenish bear character that was introduced in her 2009 exhibition The amazing magicool journey of bear and me and the friends we met along the way. Both of Nguyen‘s pets (a cat and a dog) are illustrated in new pieces which are appropriately titled ‘Bottle A Tree & Girl + One’

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