Will Coles, ‘Untitled’ (Soy Fish)

These have almost become a theme for me. I made a three metre long rusting version & hung it from a crane on Cockatoo Island. When I went to uninstall it again I looked across the harbour at it & lots of little real plastic soy sauce fish were washing up in the tide at my feet. Like dead & dying fish this plastic pollution was beaching itself as it must in its millions every year on every beach.

I’ve found it odd that a smiling fish is the container for sauce for your seafood, rather like the old adverts of happy pigs at the butchers. The blankly happy fish that vomits soy sauce on your sushi!

-Will Coles, 2012
Will Coles, ‘Untitled’ 2012, white cement – ed of 50, 19 x 82.5 x 37.5cm each

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