James Guppy + Nicole Welch

Exhibitions on view at Brenda May Gallery
1 – 26 September 2015

Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks, booth A20
10 – 13 September

Brenda May Gallery warmly invites you to visit our September exhibitions. James Guppy presents In Flagrante Delicto, portraying businessmen as contemporary conquerors with combative spirits and selfish intentions. Nicole Welch’s new suite of photographs reveals that colonial ideology has shaped contemporary understandings of the Australian landscape. In conjunction with these exhibitions on view at our space in Waterloo, we are presenting James Guppy’s impressive paintings at Sydney Contemporary, accompanied by a selection of Nicole Welch’s photographs.

Both exhibitions are travelling from Sydney to locations around New South Wales. Guppy’s show will be on view at Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre from September 2016 and Welch’s exhibition will travel to the newly renovated Murray Art Museum Albury in November this year, before showing at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery in mid 2016.

Guppy and Welch



JAMES GUPPY, In Flagrante Delicto

“Forty years ago I gained an honours degree in economics. While I turned away from that discipline long ago, I can’t help but watch the business of the world through that particular lens. I must say I’m not impressed. Now with the posturing, asset stripping, hostile takeovers, the whole culture of contemporary capitalism is very different. We look to our leaders for models of ethical behaviour. Our expectations are low, yet we are still disappointed, hence the subject matter that pulled me into these paintings.” – James Guppy, 2015


Guppy 2

Important Dates:
> 1 to 26 September, 2015 | Brenda May Gallery
> 10 to 13 September, 2015 | Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, booth A20
> 30 September 2016 to 12 February 2017 | Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre

Further Information + Media Package:
> Exhibition Catalogue
> Download Artist CV
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> Download Kate Britton, “James Guppy,” Art Collector, July-September 2015, p.82-83.
> Download “James Guppy,” Artist Profile, Issue 32, p.130-131.
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NICOLE WELCH, Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury

“Through the placement of specific historical objects into the landscape and by throwing projections onto the terrain, I aim to illuminate representations of Australia from the past by bringing them into the present. The resulting works are hybridised landscapes that reveal the multiple historical paradigms informing our present-day relationship to country…” – Nicole Welch, 2015

In addition to her photographic exhibition, Nicole Welch has developed a video artwork that will be screening in Black Box Projects in tandem with her show.


In Welch’s video artwork, screening in Black Box Projects, the same iconography that features in the photographic suite is reflected. An antique mirror, a symbol of history and perception, incongruously rests among rocky terrains and native bushland; capturing the shifting light of these uniquely Australian landscapes.

Welch 2



Nicole Welch, ‘East West’ (film still) 2015, timelapse film – 3:30min



Welch 3

Important Dates:
> 1 to 26 September, 2015 | Brenda May Gallery
> 10 to 13 September, 2015 | Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, booth A20
> 12 November to 13 December 2015 | Murray Art Museum Albury
> 1 July to 14 August 2016 | Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Further Information + Media Package:
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…a piece of string… curated by Al Munro and Irianna Kanellopoulou exhibition lookbooks

We are pleased to present you with the exhibition catalogues for Wanderland by Irianna Kanellopoulou and …a piece of string… featuring Jacqueline Bradley, Kirsty Darlaston, Lucy Irvine, Melinda Le Guay, Jemima Parker, and the exhibition curator Al Munro. Both exhibitions will be on view until Saturday 29 August.

▶ Click here to view the lookbook for …a piece of string…
▶ Click here to view the lookbook for Irianna Kanellopoulou


4ae2474c-6078-4656-b82e-e5e4f911ae6bAl Munro

a piece of string



SCREEN SURFACE curated by Geoffrey Weary
Black Box Projects
Until 29 August 2015

Films by Frazer Bull-Clark, Katherine Berger, Jing Feng (Sophy Feng), Graham Burchett, and Harley Ives (courtesy of Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney).

Katherine BergerKatherine Berger, ‘Suspension’ 2015
repurposed found 16mm film decayed by the artist and digital transfer, stereo sound – 5:35mins, ed of 6

Black Box Projects 4 to 29 August 2015

Screen SurfaceSCREEN SURFACE, curated by Geoffrey Weary
“It is easy to fall into old habits of interpretation. This is particularly true of screen-based artworks when they resemble a narrative or documentary film. Invariably the question of meaning becomes associated with content and “form” is of little consequence. The works selected for this exhibition are engaged in a two–way interaction where social, environmental and identity issues are mediated through highly personalised approaches to the treatment of the surface of the projected screen image.”

Films by Frazer Bull-Clark, Katherine Berger, Jing Feng (Sophy Feng), Graham Burchett, and Harley Ives (courtesy of Chalk Horse, Sydney).

Geoffrey Weary is an artist and curator. He is also an Honorary Associate of Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney.

On view from Tuesday 4 August to Saturday 29 August 2015

Evening drinks with the Artists, Wednesday 5 August, 6-8pm

…a piece of string…, curated by Al Munro
“…a piece of string… presents the work of Jacqueline Bradley, Kirsty Darlaston, Lucy Irvine, Melinda Le Guay, Jemima Parker, and Al Munro to demonstrate the diversity of artistic possibilities offered by textile-based art media. These are artists who engage with textile forms in order to test the boundaries of art/craft and to work with the specific material and cultural associations of fibre.”

“This work captures the adventures and wandering tales of protagonists with a hidden, throwaway past. Released from their captivity, these characters and found objects are given a renewed purpose and claim a re-discovered and re-invented identity.”
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Read Exhibition Brief in Art Almanac

a piece of sting:Wanderland

New in the stockroom: Todd Fuller ‘Little Star’ sculptures

Todd Fuller - Little Star SculpturesWe have just received two new sculptures in our stockroom by Todd Fuller. The works feature Fuller’s newest protagonist, Little Star, the 11th dog the Soviets launched into space during the 50’s and 60’s. The iPods contained within each of the sculptures play the film ‘Little Star’ which can be viewed here.

Clicking on each of the works takes to you the website where additional images of the sculptures are available. Sign up for the Todd Fuller email list here.

Peter Tilley, Sculpture by the Sea, Decade Club at Macquarie Group

Last year, Peter Tilley was inducted into the Decade Club at Sculpture by the Sea as an artist who has partiicpated in the exhibition ten or more times.

In recognition of this achievement, Tilley’s work will be on view at Macquarie Group in August alongside other members of the Decade Club.

We look forward to presenting Tilley’s new body of work here at the Galley in November.

> Sign up for the Peter Tilley email list here.

Peter Tilley

Peter Tilley, ‘Anticipating the Voyage’ 2015
cast iron, painted timber, 52 x 34 x 19cm

Lezlie Tilley at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery

Lezlie Tilley

Lezlie Tilley, ‘Hallowe’en Suite: Verse 19′ 2012, mixed media on paper, 14.5 x 20.5 cm


Lezlie Tilley was curated into the recent exhibition, Your Collection: The Extended Version, on view at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery. The gallery holds a number of Lezlie’s works in their collection including the piece pictured here titled ‘Hallowe’en Suite’.

Lezlie’s solo exhibition is on view at the Gallery in Danks Street until Saturday 1 August. Sign up for the Lezlie Tilley email list here.


Mylyn Nguyen in Installation Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks

We are pleased to announce that Mylyn Nguyen has been selected for inclusion at Installation Contemporary, one of five exhibition sectors at the Sydney Contemporary art fair. On view from 11 to 13 September at Carriageworks, Installation Contemporary is curated by The Curator’s Department which is comprised of Glenn Barkley, Ivan Muñiz Reed and Holly Williams.

Mylyn’s work will be found in an unlikely location so keep an eye out for her paper insects. When you spot her installation, snap a photo with Instagram and hashtag it #MylynNguyen. Happy hunting!

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Mylyn Nguyen