Robert Boynes triptych ‘Blind Leading the Blind’ Selected by the Art Gallery of NSW

We are delighted to announce that the Art Gallery of New South Wales has selected the triptych, ‘Blind Leading the Blind’, the major work by Robert Boynes from his current solo exhibition In Plain Sight. This wonderful artwork, imbued with a political edge, depicts asylum seekers and refugees, touching on a dark period in Australian politics that will be looked back on with great sorrow. The surface is worked with a new technique, the canvas being crushed then flattened creating a physical texture in amongst the layers of painting and screen printing.

In Plain Sight will be on view until Saturday 1 August. Other paintings from the same suite are available to view on our website.

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Robert Boynes - Blind Leading the Blind, 2015

Robert Boynes, Lezlie Tilley, Claire Anna Watson, on view starting 7 July

On view from Tuesday 7 July
to Saturday 1 August 2015

▶ ROBERT BOYNES, In Plain Sight
In Plain Sight captures the hum and chaos of the ubiquitous city. Peripatetic patterns of motion may be unseen or unsighted. By stopping this action or slowing it down, the viewer is invited to become part of the act, remembering glimpses or chance encounters that we would not normally scrutinise.
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▶ LEZLIE TILLEY, camouflage
In this new body of work, Tilley has performed the arduous task of placing individual ‘tiny stones arranged according to the laws of chance’ on each of the eleven works, amounting to the handling of over 115,000 stones – a process of endurance and patience.
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Black Box Projects
7 July to 1 August 2015

▶ CLAIRE ANNA WATSON, Heterochiral Sequence
“In Heterochiral Sequence, plant matter is transposed into an otherworldly environment. This new work investigates the way that food is presented to us; it seeks to subvert the glossy magazines that market comestibles and contemplates how synthetic technologies are influencing our way of life.”


Glen Clarke, Winner of Hazelhurst Art On Paper Award

clarke_glen_peace_keeperCongratulations to Glen Clarke who won the Hazelhurst Art On Paper Award with his dynamic work ‘Peace Keeper’ which is constructed with folded currency suspended on red thread.

Clarke was recently featured in our Paper Works III exhibition with a similar work titled ‘The Poetics of Emptiness – Yin Yang‘. We look forward to presenting a solo exhibition of new work next year.

Glen Clarke, ‘Peace Keeper’  2015
folded shirts from paper US$ and Iraqi Dinar, cotton thread

Lezlie Tilley at the University of Newcastle Gallery


Soundings by Lezlie Tilley will be on view at The University of Newcastle Gallery starting 27 June until 11 July 2015. The exhibition includes her abstract response to the poem Halloween by Robert Burns. The mixed media artworks are methodically constructed and exemplify the labour-intensive process central to her practice.

Lezlie Tilley’s upcoming solo exhibition titled camouflage will be on view from 7 July to 1 August. Sign up here to receive a preview.

Lezlie Tilley, ‘Verse 16′  2012, mixed media

Sybil Curtis at Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery and QUT Art Museum

The painting, ‘Pink and Grey Cylinders’ by Sybil Curtis, is currently on view at Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery in Tattersall’s 150th Anniversary Exhibition, until 23 June. The show marks 25 years of the Landscape Art Prize awarded by the Tattersall’s Club. Curtis won the prize in 2001 and also in 2003. Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery is the first venue in this touring exhibition which will include fifteen of the winning entries and be exhibited across regional Queensland.

Curtis was also included in the recent exhibition Garden at the Queensland University of Technology with her painting, ‘The grey and the green’, from the QUT Art Collection.


James Guppy at Sydney Contemporary 2015

guppynegotiated2014We are delighted to announce that we will be participating in Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks in September, with new paintings by James Guppy.

Elysian cumulus clouds, sunlit with bronze and ivory hues, become the battleground for brawling businessmen in the theatrical and often humorous paintings in Guppy’s new series, In Flagrante Delicto. Oblivious to their surroundings, these men are portrayed as contemporary conquerors with combative spirits and selfish intentions.

Guppy’s upcoming solo show will  be shown simultaneously at Sydney Contemporary and at the Gallery in Danks Street.sydctplogo

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James Guppy,
‘Negotiated Settlement’ 2015
acrylic on polycotton,
timber frame, 120 x 82cm

Ashleigh Garwood, Winner of the inaugural Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship

garwood, gap, 2014Congratulations to Ashleigh Garwood on winning the inaugural Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship. The award, selected and presented by the Art Gallery of NSW, grants Garwood a three-month residency in Paris at the prestigious Cité Internationale des Arts. To read further, click here.

Garwood’s recent solo exhibition, Of Other Spaces, also saw several of her photographs acquired by a major corporate collection. We look forward to presenting the new body of work from the Paris residency in November next year.

Ashleigh Garwood
‘The Gap’ 2014, silver gelatin print
111 x 93cm, edition of 3

Now on View: Multiples + Mouthfeel, until 4 July

On view until Saturday 4 July 2015

MULTIPLES, presented by art historian and independent curator, Akky van Ogtrop.
This exhibition of artworks features prints, posters, sculptural objects, and furniture all categorised as a multiple. The furniture and homewares are courtesy of Workshopped and are by a number of designers including Akira Isegawa and Fukutoshi, LifeSpaceJourney, Stephnie Ng, Charles Wilson, and Stephen Ziguras.

Artists include: Pierre Alechinsky, Joseph Beuys, Graham Blondel, Robert Campbell Junior and Pam Debenham, Gene Clarkson, Christopher Croft, Pam Debenham, Jan Fieldsend, Sam Francis, Therese Kenyon, Leonie Lane, Graham Lightbody, Judy Lodwick, Dianne Longley, Tim Maguire, Milan Milojevic (courtesy of grahame galleries + editions), John Neeson, John Olsen, Monica Oppen, Panamarenko, Zoë Sadokierski (courtesy of Big Fag Press), Helen Seligman, Sylvia Schwenk (courtesy of Artereal Gallery), Janet Tavener, Bram Van Velde, Paul Worstead and a collaborative work by Victor De Sousa, Narelle Jubelin, Fiona MacDonald, and Maria Madeira.


Black Box Projects
9 June to 4 July 2015

mouthfeelinstallMOUTHFEEL, curated by Megan Fizell
In this exhibition, artists lick, blow, bite, chew, and fill their mouths with edible and inedible substances. These films will provoke unanticipated responses in the viewer.

Films by Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Hannah Raisin, Nina Ross, Martynka Wawrzyniak (courtesy of Envoy Enterprises, New York City), and Elizabeth Willing.

Nina Ross, ‘The Foreignness of language’ 2011 HD video – 8:25mins (looped), edition of 5


Multiples + Mouthfeel, on view starting 9 June

On view from Tuesday 9 June
to Saturday 4 July 2015

Drinks with the Artists, Saturday 13 June 3-5pm

MULTIPLES, presented by art historian and independent curator, Akky van Ogtrop.
An exhibition of prints, books, photographs and sculptural objects.
“Creating artist’s multiples, typically in short runs, allows artworks to be accessible to a larger portion of the population via the employment of economical materials and processes. Also, by making reproducible artwork, the sacredness of the object itself decreases, allowing for the concept behind the work to take precedence and for these concepts to reflect the interests of their audience: the general public.”

▶ Click here to view The Quarterly, volume 1, number 2.


Black Box Projects
9 June to 4 July 2015

MOUTHFEEL, curated by Megan Fizell
“Mouthfeel is defined as the physical sensations in the mouth created by food or drink. The objective of this exhibition is to stimulate a synaesthetic response in the viewer through the observation of these films. The mouth is used by these artists to trigger the sense of taste and touch by the ingestion of edible and non-edible substances.”

Films by Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Hannah Raisin, Nina Ross, Martynka Wawrzyniak (courtesy of Envoy Enterprises, New York City), and Elizabeth Willing.