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Todd Fuller and Ashleigh Garwood, Finalists in Chippendale New World Art Prize

Congratulations to Todd Fuller and Ashleigh Garwood who are finalists in the Chippendale New World Art Prize. Selected is Todd’s new video, ‘Little Star’ and new photographs, ‘Six Views of a Wave’, by Ashley.

Todd Fuller will be exhibiting ‘Little Star’, at the Gallery during Paper Works III, from 14 April to 2 May. Ashleigh Garwood’s first solo exhibition at Brenda May Gallery will be held 5 May to 6 June.


April News

Please note: the 2 Danks Street Complex will again be closed
the Easter long weekend (Friday to Monday inclusive) and Anzac Day

32dd8335-01fb-494c-96e0-29f4531e5dc5Irianna Kanellopoulou, ‘Bertie and friends’ 2008, moulded, hand-built & hand-painted Belgian chocolate, cocoa butter, food grade colouring. Irianna’s next exhibition, Wonderland will be on view from 4 to 29 August 2015 at the Gallery.

Don’t miss our current exhibitions by Emily McIntosh and Kevin McKay on view until Saturday 11 April. In addition, we have an excellent program, Resolving Ruins, screening in Black Box Projects, curated by Screen Space, Melbourne.


Up next we have our biennial exhibition, Paper Works III, featuring nineteen artists from around Australia who use paper in innovative ways. Complementing this curated group exhibition will be Todd Fuller’s newest hand-drawn animation, ‘Little Star’, which is comprised of over 6,000 individual stills and will be screened in Black Box Projects. Both exhibitions will be on view 14 April to 2 May.

Congratulations to Todd Fuller, winner of the People’s Choice award for ‘Little Star’ at The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing. In addition, a special edition of the film has been acquired by The PLC Sydney Collection, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney.


Flatline exhibiting in 16th Asian Art Biennale

The video work ‘A Dance for Paul Klee’, by FLATLINE (Todd Fuller + Carl Sciberras) has been selected for inclusion in the 16th edition of the Asian Art Biennale. The biennale will be held from the 1 to 31 December 2014 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The film will also be screening at Grafton Regional Gallery as part of the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award from 17 October to 7 December 2014.


Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Prize, 2014 International Art Competition, Kennedy Prize, and Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Prize Finalists

We are pleased to announce that a number of our artists have been selected as finalists in forthcoming prizes.

Finalists in the Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture prize. Their works (pictured below) will be on view at Deakin University from the 30 October to 13 December 2014.

Tanmaya Bingham’s drawing ‘Smirk’ will be exhibited as a finalist for the competition at the 2014 International Art Festival. The piece will be on view from the 8 to 11 October 2014 in Chelsea, NYC. Bingham will be exhibiting her new body of work English Tea Party…gone wrong starting 7 October. To receive a preview of the work please sign up here.

Apparitions #3‘ from Nicole Welch’s recent solo exhibition has been selected as a finalist in the inaugural Kennedy Prize. An edition of this work was also acquired by Artbank earlier this year.

Flatline is a finalist in the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award at Grafton Regional Gallery with the video work ‘A Dance for Paul Klee‘, to be screened from the 17 October to 7 December 2014.



September 2014 Exhibitions

Please join us for drinks with the Artists
Wednesday 10 September 5:30-7:30pm
with the Flatline performance, ‘Imprint’, at 7pm

NB: All of these exhibitions are eligible to be reviewed for the 2 Danks Street Award for Contemporary Art Criticism. For further details and to download an application form, visit the 2 Danks Street website here.

▶ CAROL MURPHY, La Baigneuse
“This exhibition references the depiction of the bather in art history, but using the medium of ceramics. It is a further examination of the sculptural form in various poses at rest and play.”


▶ TODD FULLER, Studies in Motion
“Drawing is a personal obsession, through it I dissect the world its occupants and my relationship to these elements. Studies in Motion features studies of choreographic sequences, their physics, energetic states and an intuitive response to the two.”


▶ FLATLINE, A Dance for Paul Klee in Black Box Projects
“Flatline is an interdisciplinary collective and at its core is artist Todd Fuller and dancer/choreographer Carl Sciberras. ‘A Dance for Paul Klee‘ is a choreographic score forged from the logic of mark making after several drawing classes with a group of dancers. The piece is filmed on a beach made famous by Arthur Boyd and then articulated by a hand drawn transcription of itself.”

Flatline is a finalist in the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award at Graftion Regional Gallery with the video work ‘A Dance for Paul Klee‘, to be screened from the 17 October to 7 December 2014.


▶ GREER TAYLOR, out of rain
“The works in out of rain refer in some way to this triple meaning together with reference to the ‘life-cycle’ of water: rain, clouds, mist, deluge, its seepage into the earth – to comment about cutting off supply.”


Flatline performing Sketch at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

Flatline presents Sketch at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta on 11 – 13 September 2014. The choreography is by Carl Sciberras, art by Todd Fuller, sound by Mitchell Mollison and performed by Roz Wythes and Katina Olsen. Visit the Riverside Theatre website to book tickets.

This performance triptych sees three dancers, a visual artist and composer transform the theatre into a hyper-sensorial world where these three mediums push and pull one another into new territory. The work converges old and new technologies to intercept lines, curves and colours with choreographic and sound scores.


News – Exhibitions, Stockroom + Art Film Night (3 July)

New in the Stockroom – Robert Boynes diptych

ebaf7d14-98a8-45ce-aa3a-c1baab20a8c0Robert Boynes’ multilayered paintings have always drawn inspiration from contemporary street culture, more recently incorporating skateboarders, hooded figures and graffiti among textured backgrounds that contain text, water, signage and lights. Capturing a sense of motion and flux, each canvas stands alone as an illusive moment in time or is configured with others to create storyboards of several filmic ‘frames’.

View more paintings in our digital stockroom.

Robert Boynes, ‘Zurich – The Movie’ 2014
acrylic on canvas – diptych, 120 x 110cm, $11,500


Flatline performing at Queensland University of Technology

On Tuesday 22 July at 6:15pm, Flatline will be performing ‘Drawn Duet: True Gesture’ at The Block at QUT Creative Industries Precinct.

‘Drawn Duet: True Gesture’ invites drawing and dance to participate in an unlikely duet. Starting from a space akin to a life drawing class, a drawer commences his interrogation of the body. The body is at first a study, but as the body shifts and begins to move, the line is blurred and the body and mark exchange a rhythmic dialogue. The dancer and drawer impact and dissect each other, generating surprising results as old and new technologies collide.

‘Drawn Duet: True Gesture’ is performed by Sydney duo Flatline, visual artist Todd Fuller and choreographer Carl Sciberras. Flatline creates work that is a hybrid interaction between the mediums of Art and Dance.

Visit their website for further details.

Please note: Flatline and Represented Artist Todd Fuller will be exhibiting at Brenda May Gallery from Tuesday 9 September until Saturday 4 October and will present a spectacular ‘one night only’ performance during the opening.


Black Box Projects Presents
‘Lament’ by Nicole Welch

fef8e916-9871-4247-a789-bfaa90f14a00We will be screening Nicole Welch’s meditative time-lapse film ‘Lament‘ in Black Box Projects beginning 15 July until 9 August. The film is part of the popular Illumination series, exhibited at Brenda May Gallery in 2013.

Nicole Welch, ‘Lament’ 2012
time-lapse video – 5:20mins, edition of 6


2 Danks Street Art Film Night

The Galleries of 2 Danks Street and Mandy Chang present
Orson Welles: F for Fake


Tuesday July 15: 2 Danks Street Waterloo

6pm for drinks, light refreshments and a wander around our galleries
7pm for film viewing (film duration 1hr 35 minutes)

$20 payable in cash on the night

RSVP by Thursday 10 July to or call 9318 1122
between 11am and 6pm Tuesday to Saturday (or leave a message if after hours)

Please join us for the second of 2 Danks Street’s Art Film Nights. Once again Mandy Chang, the ABC’s Commissioning Editor for the Arts, introduces one of the great art film classics, the 1973 directorial finale of Orson Welles, F for Fake. Popcorn provided…