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Untitled Show

Our Untitled Show features artworks that differ in style, medium, inspiration and affect. The only unifying quality is that they do not allow audiences to rely on a title for further instruction, and instead are open to interpretation.

Artists include Tanmaya Bingham, Robert Boynes, Jim Croke, Sybil Curtis, Todd Fuller, James Guppy, Waratah Lahy, Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro, Carol Murphy, Mylyn Nguyen, Catherine O’Donnell, Leslie Oliver, Lezlie Tilley, and Peter Tilley.

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Untitled Show

On view 29 September to 24 October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.20.21 pmAl Munro, ‘Untitled 2′ 2015
acrylic paint on plywood, 43 x 31cm

‘Untitled’ would appear to be the most common name attributed to a work of art. Despite the word denoting nothingness, the power of the untitled work is that it has the ability to express the opposite. Artists usually name works to convey something further about the piece to an audience, whether that is a feeling, a description, or a nod to its inspiration. An untitled work, on the other hand, asks the audience to think and question a little more in order to uncover meaning.

The works in this exhibition will differ in style, medium, inspiration and affect. The only unifying quality will be that the works do not allow audiences to rely on a title for further instruction and will instead be entirely open to interpretation.


October 2014 Exhibitions

▶ AL MUNRO, Systems of the Infinite
“Systems of the Infinite continues my interest in pattern systems and their relationship to the natural world. I draw on both traditional Japanese patterning and scientific visualisations to explore the mapping and cataloguing of nature.”


▶ TANMAYA BINGHAM, English Tea Party…gone wrong
“English Tea Party…gone wrong is an installation that typifies an ongoing epidemic plaguing Great Britain; TEA, the most sought after narcotic on the British market, and the drug of choice in the United Kingdom since the 18th century.”


▶ DANIEL CONNELL, Night Light in Black Box Projects
“The project captures the ability of indicator and stand-by lights to signify and recall space. Standby lights can be abstracted into navigation points in order for an individual to recognise familiar spaces when nothing else can be seen.”



Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Prize, 2014 International Art Competition, Kennedy Prize, and Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Prize Finalists

We are pleased to announce that a number of our artists have been selected as finalists in forthcoming prizes.

Finalists in the Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture prize. Their works (pictured below) will be on view at Deakin University from the 30 October to 13 December 2014.

Tanmaya Bingham’s drawing ‘Smirk’ will be exhibited as a finalist for the competition at the 2014 International Art Festival. The piece will be on view from the 8 to 11 October 2014 in Chelsea, NYC. Bingham will be exhibiting her new body of work English Tea Party…gone wrong starting 7 October. To receive a preview of the work please sign up here.

Apparitions #3‘ from Nicole Welch’s recent solo exhibition has been selected as a finalist in the inaugural Kennedy Prize. An edition of this work was also acquired by Artbank earlier this year.

Flatline is a finalist in the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award at Grafton Regional Gallery with the video work ‘A Dance for Paul Klee‘, to be screened from the 17 October to 7 December 2014.



Al Munro, ‘Homage to the Everyday’, Acquired by Goulburn Regional Art Gallery


Al Munro‘s work, ‘Homage to the Everyday‘, which was curated into the group exhibition Kitchenalia at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery has been acquired for their permanent collection. The work will remain on view as part of Kitchenalia until the 11 October 2014.

We will be exhibiting Al Munro’s new body of work Systems of the Infinite starting 7 October. Should you wish to receive a preview of the work or be informed of future special events relating to Munro, please sign up here.

News – 2 Danks Street Award for Art Criticism + Exhibitions (31 July)

Nicole Welch exhibiting in The Third Wave
at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

The photographs by Nicole Welch held in the permanent collection at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery will be exhibited in the exhibition The Third Wave: Two Decades of the Hill End Artists in Residence Program. The exhibition will be on view from the 1 August to 28 September 2014. Nicole participated in the Hill End Artists in Residence program where she utilised the Holtermann Collection of Victorian era prints for a body of work considering the Victorian aesthetic contrasted with the archetypal Australian landscape.


Nicole Welch, ‘Apparitions #1, Projection – Mount Arapiles and the Mitre Rock 1863, Nicholas Chevalier’
2013, pigment ink, face-mounted, 95 x 200cm (also available 61 x 130cm), edition of 6 in two sizes
(Purchased by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery in 2014)

Tanmaya Bingham at Ostrale’014 in Dresden, Germany

Tanmaya Bingham‘s triptych (pictured below) from the series “I Got my Mom’s Boobs” (2013) is currently on view at Ostrale’014 in Dresden, Germany, one of the largest exhibitions of international contemporary art in Europe. The theme of Ostrale’014 this year is ‘Around You’ and the show is on view until the 28 September. Tanmaya will be exhibiting her new body of work titled English Tea Party…gone wrong starting on 7 October here at the Gallery.


Left: Tanmaya Bingham, ‘My Kryptonite heart is the leash to my beat’ 2013
coloured pencil and mixed media on panel, 91.5 x 76cm
Centre: Tanmaya Bingham, ‘Bee Fantastic and her galactic force field’ 2013
coloured pencil and mixed media on panel, 183 x 122cm
Right: Tanmaya Bingham, ‘My dog is utilitarian and a great lover’ 2013
coloured pencil and mixed media on panel, 183 x 61cm

2 Danks Street Award for Art Criticism

2dankslogoInviting new and established writers to enter the second
2 Danks St Award for Art Criticism

To review an exhibition at any of the permanent galleries of 2 Danks St from 12 July to 4 October 2014.

The main award is $1,000 and the opportunity to publish a review in Art Almanac. This year, Artist Profile also introduces a new category, offering a prize of $500 for a review which shows flair and potential and/or stretches the boundaries of current reviewing.

The panel of judges includes Owen Craven, Laura Fisher, Andrew Frost and Prue Gibson.

For further information on entering, contact Janet Clayton at Janet Clayton Gallery
on 02 9698 8443 or

Closing date for entries is Wednesday 15 October 2014

Sculpture Park – January/February 2015

Brenda May Gallery accepts proposals until the end of October each year from sculptors in Australia and New Zealand, for our annual group exhibition held each January since 1998.

The 2015 edition of our annual sculpture exhibition will feature artworks that are capable of withstanding the elements. As these works are intended for outdoor settings, curatorial attention will be particularly paid to functionality, scale, construction and visual impact.

Scheduled each January, this show continues the tradition of opening our year with an exhibition seeking to exhibit the best and most interesting contemporary sculpture. Although there are no restrictions for this exhibition, we will only consider work made by professional sculptors that has not previously been exhibited in Sydney.

Proposals for this show must be received Friday 31 October 2014.

Submissions should be posted directly to the Gallery (email submissions and proposals sent by registered post will not be accepted) and should include a CD of recent work and images in support of the proposal, an up to date C/V, an artist statement and a separate, single page outlining the nature of the work you are proposing. Please keep it simple, no powerpoint or keynote files.

Al Munro, Tanmaya Bingham, Marguerite Derricourt – Closing 17 August

Our current exhibitions will be on view until Saturday 17 August and a reminder that they are all eligible to be reviewed for the 2 Danks Street Award for Contemporary Art Criticism. Don’t forget all the Galleries are open late every Wednesday night until 7pm and our own Danks Street Diner and Luke Mangan’s tasting room next door, ‘Mojo‘, are now also open every Wednesday from 5pm! Parking’s a breeze…


▶ AL MUNRO, Patterns from an invisible world
Al Munro’s canvas works reveal visual formations created through crystallographic studies, magnifying them into detailed maps of meticulously composed concentric circles. Munro creates a sense of the infinite nature of these “patterns from an invisible world”, allowing some of her hand-drawn dots to escape the surface of the canvas and spill onto the surrounding wall. Further extending this visualisation and continuing her use of fibre, Munro presents an installation of vibrant crocheted ‘targets’ that are essentially zooming into her canvas works, enlarging the small multi-coloured circles.


▶ TANMAYA BINGHAM, Pigs and their friends
Tanamaya Bingham’s recent works are diverse in their materials, presentation and sensibility, providing a stimulating and engaging exhibition. Bingham’s series of six tiny ‘Pet’ works not only display her astounding ability to scrupulously render lifelike depictions in coloured-pencil, but also reveal endearing relationships. Her ‘Almost Animal’ series, drawn in graphite, feature the heads of familiar animals possessing an attribute that is not quite right, encouraging curious double takes. Also in this exhibition are new works incorporating collage, exuding a mix of the whimsical and the macabre.


This exhibition, focusing on the life, nature and mannerisms of moths, emanates a sense of flutter and flight. Holding the centre of the room is Derricourt’s substantial sculpture, ‘Ghost Moth I’ – a claustrophobic cluster of activity in Corten steel. Moulded from Japanese paper, the artist has created a series delicate and textural pieces in white, grey and blue hues, which seemingly have just alighted gently onto the wall’s surface. Appearing to launch themselves from the walls, the ‘Shadowlands’ series visually defy their weighty material.

Interview: Tanmaya Bingham

What is your earliest memory of making art?
I have many, but the one that sticks out the most is when I was 11 or 12 and I would stay up all night drawing copies of old master’s portraits. In addition to this, I would draw portraits of my friends and family whom were very nice despite my frustration at them always moving.

Do you listen to music when you are creating works? If so, what is on high rotation?
I used to work in complete silence with earplugs, but now I mix it up with music, talk radio and silence. My recent music crushes consist of The XX album “Coexist” ( I have listen to it so much that I love all of it’s songs), Florence + The Machine album “Lungs” (I am loving the song “Cosmic Love”) and Parkington Sisters album “Ours by the Day” and “Till Voice Wake Us” ( My heart is warmed by songs “Deerheart” and “Chains”) My talk radio mind-loves are NPR’s “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross, NPR’s “Ted Radio Hour” and “Academic Earth”.

Tanmaya-Bingham-The-TransformerWhen preparing for your last exhibition, did you create works around a theme or did the links between the works reveal themselves later on?
My series of works are most always intentionally linked. However, there are always the surprises that I don’t expect and can’t plan for. This is where the fun is.

Describe the space in which you create your works (studio, lounge room etc):
In the past my studios have ranged from a loft space in a coffee distributors warehouse divided by blue tarps attached to beams with staples to really nice clean contemporary spaces with lovely natural light.

My most recent studios have been in my living space. Typically I build walls and put in a door to create a division between living and work. Inside it is very simple and sparse.

Do you have a favourite piece or favourite pieces? If so, which piece/s and why?
My favourite works are always the ones that I am working on. Once these works are completed my next favourite works are the ones that are developing in my mind.

tanmaya_binghamWhat has been, for you, a defining moment in your career as an artist?
My moment is a state of being where I know I have the resourcefulness to handle and utilize the obstacles that come my way.

What did you eat for breakfast?
4 corn tortillas
1 avocado
2 eggs

This is my favorite meal!

Al Munro, Tanmaya Bingham, Marguerite Derricourt – Opening 30 July

“I use drawing-based media to examine processes of scientific representations of the natural world. The work in this exhibition stems from research in crystallography; the study and mapping of atom arrangements within a solid.”

“My artwork’s role, whether drawing, painting, sculpture or installation, is to confound and give a different and often macabre perspective on a world that is rapidly becoming homogenised.”

“This exhibition is a variation on the theme of nature, migration, flight and the changes that come about during this process.”

A reminder that all the 2 Danks Street Galleries are open every Wednesday until 7pm and that the new exhibitions are eligible to be reviewed for the 2 Danks Street Award for Contemporary Art Criticism. For further details and to download an application form, visit the 2 Danks Street website here.


July 2013 Exhibitions

Evening drinks with the Artists
featuring DJ sets by electronic collective
Filthy Children
Wednesday 10 July 5:30-7:30pm

MIGHTY SMALL, curated by Olivia Welch
Mighty Small features works that harness the intimate and alluring nature of a small scale in order to successfully communicate a message, idea or feeling. Though a small size often denotes an absence, these works become powerful through this reduction in mass.

As an amusing and participatory addition to Mighty Small, a vending machine filled with specially selected artworks will appear alongside the exhibition. Each work will sell for either $49 or $99 and a preview of the artworks that will be available exclusively from the vending machine can be found here.


ARUN SHARMA, (de)composition: lovers
“The installation and three videos in this exhibition refer to the cyclical pattern of nature. Between birth and death there is the complex life we live.”


A reminder that both of these exhibitions are eligible to be reviewed for the 2 Danks Street Award for Contemporary Art Criticism. For further details and to download the application form, visit the 2 Danks Street website here.

Join our Facebook Event for the opening drinks for Mighty Small + Arun Sharma.