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Untitled Show

On view 29 September to 24 October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.20.21 pmAl Munro, ‘Untitled 2′ 2015
acrylic paint on plywood, 43 x 31cm

‘Untitled’ would appear to be the most common name attributed to a work of art. Despite the word denoting nothingness, the power of the untitled work is that it has the ability to express the opposite. Artists usually name works to convey something further about the piece to an audience, whether that is a feeling, a description, or a nod to its inspiration. An untitled work, on the other hand, asks the audience to think and question a little more in order to uncover meaning.

The works in this exhibition will differ in style, medium, inspiration and affect. The only unifying quality will be that the works do not allow audiences to rely on a title for further instruction and will instead be entirely open to interpretation.


Mylyn Nguyen Once Upon a Time

On view 29 September to 24 October

“Once upon a time I broke every watch I was given only to find I could not work out how they worked. Music boxes were dismantled and the music making part pulled apart. The death of each ladybird in my Mylyn made jar garden brought me no closer to knowing why ladybirds didn’t like me. I thought if I stared at my nose, my eyebrows and the shower hose, I would figure them out eventually. I unstitched dolls clothes, unwrapped bindi seeds and stripped toy cars to their wheels and discovered more why. Why a cloud? How do birds fly? How do kites? How does the moon know when to just appear? How does water come from a shower hose?”
– Mylyn Nguyen

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.17.32 pmMylyn Nguyen
‘There was a mountain and a cloud’ 2015
watch, cork, wire, flocking, wool, cotton thread, watercolour
15.5 x 6.5 x 4.5cm

Gallery News: Nicole Welch Acquired by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Frightful Tremendous Pass #3‘ and the film ‘East West‘ from Nicole Welch’s current exhibition Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury have been acquired by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery for their permanent collection. The entire suite will be travelling to Murray Art Museum Albury for an exhibition from the 12 November to 13 December 2015 and then to Bathurst Regional Art Gallery for a final showing from 1 July to 14 August 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.37.34 pm

Love. Lament. Loss.

Black Box Projects
On view 29 September to 24 October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.22.55 pm

Love. Lament. Loss. brings together the work of three Represented Artists who have explored these states in their complexity and intensity. Leslie Oliver asks students to recount a time they fell in love, offering stories of loves’ lived and loves’ lost. Todd Fuller’s films explore the strength required to release a burden or a joy, and Nicole Welch stimulates deliberation through a use of loaded symbols, conceptually considering the effect of imperialistic ideology on the Australian landscape.

Oliver’s empathetic documentary-style approach is contrasted with the mesmerising time-lapse technique employed by Welch. Fuller’s hand-drawn animations offer a further divergent style of moving image artwork, conveying the varied ways in which the medium of video is being used by artists to create thoughtful and captivating narratives.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.25.32 pm

Gallery News: James Guppy on ABC’s “The Mix”

In a recent segment filmed at Sydney Contemporary for the ABC’s “The Mix” by James Valentine, James Guppy was interviewed with the delightful collectors, Simon + Julie Ford. The piece aired on 19 September but it can still be viewed on ABC iview here until 4 October.Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.34.45 pm

Quarterly 1.4

We are pleased to present the fourth edition of our Quarterly publication which contains all of the exhibition information for October – December 2015. You can view Quarterly 1.4 by clicking here.

Upcoming exhibitions include Mylyn Nguyen, Waratah Lahy, Peter Tilley, Nina Ross, and the curated group exhibitions Untitled Show, Love. Lament. Loss, and the Gallery’s anniversary exhibition, 30 Years | 30 Artists | 30 Works.


James Guppy and Nicole Welch exhibition catalogues

SCWe are pleased to present you with the exhibition catalogues for In Flagrante Delicto by James Guppy and Eastern Interiors: explorations from Bathurst to Albury by Nicole Welch.

▶ Click here to view the catalogue for James Guppy
▶ Click here to view the catalogue for Nicole Welch

From the 10 to 13 September, a selection from both exhibitions will be on view at the 2015 edition of Sydney Contemporary. Find us at booth A20, we look forward to seeing you there!

> View on Artsy
> Read “James Guppy,” Art Collector
> Watch Nicole Welch Artist Profile

Sydney Contemporary** To ensure you are able to view the digital catalogues, please check that your browser and flash player are updated regularly.

Catherine O’Donnell now represented by Brenda May Gallery

We are delighted to announce that Catherine O’Donnell has joined Brenda May Gallery as a represented artist. O’Donnell is already well-known for her intricately detailed renderings in charcoal of streetscapes and urban dwellings. This year she completed a stunning series focusing on the soldiers and nurses of the Gallipoli campaign in moments of relaxation and solidarity. O’Donnell’s works finely balance inclusion and omission, executed with an astounding attention to detail.

We excitedly welcome Catherine to our stable of artists and look forward to sharing her thoughtful and impressive works with you!

Catherine O'Donnell

▶ Catherine O’Donnell

Catherine O’Donnell graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts from the National Art School in Sydney in 2014. In the same year she was awarded a residency at the British School at Rome, participated in six group shows, exhibited a suite of works in her solo exhibition ‘A Notion of Home’ and was an Artist in Residence a Penrith Regional Gallery. This year has been equally busy, with O’Donnell completing the residency in Rome, undergoing a residency at Parramatta Artist Studios, exhibiting in group shows in Italy, executing a solo exhibition held at Penrith Regional Gallery and receiving a Highly Commended at the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award.

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Catherine O'Donnell 2

Catherine O'Donnell 3


Catherine O’Donnell

Invitation Only Events
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To better mark each of the Represented Artists solo shows at Brenda May Gallery, we began hosting invitation only special events to celebrate these new exhibitions.

Should you wish to receive artwork previews or be informed of any of these future events relating to Catherine O’Donnell, please sign up here.

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