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New in the Stockroom Peter Tilley sculptures + Kevin McKay paintings

We have two new assemblages by Peter Tilley available in our stockroom from the ‘Above + Below’ series, which consider the downside of the coal and mining industry in Newcastle. Within the assemblages, Tilley used old foundry patterns alongside graphite electrodes out of the BHP steelworks located in Newcastle. Prior to the closure of the factory in 1999, artists were given access to the site for artistic inspiration.

Having received the Basil & Muriel Hooper Scholarship from the AGNSW in 2006, the Sydney City of Villages Art Prize in 2009, the William Fletcher Foundation’s Scholarship to The British School at Rome in 2011, the Kogarah Emerging Artist Prize in 2012 and the Waverley Oil Painting Prize in 2013, we are delighted to have a selection of Kevin McKay‘s applauded renderings of suburban landscapes, created both in his studio and plein air, available at the Gallery.


Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Prize, 2014 International Art Competition, Kennedy Prize, and Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Prize Finalists

We are pleased to announce that a number of our artists have been selected as finalists in forthcoming prizes.

Finalists in the Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture prize. Their works (pictured below) will be on view at Deakin University from the 30 October to 13 December 2014.

Tanmaya Bingham’s drawing ‘Smirk’ will be exhibited as a finalist for the competition at the 2014 International Art Festival. The piece will be on view from the 8 to 11 October 2014 in Chelsea, NYC. Bingham will be exhibiting her new body of work English Tea Party…gone wrong starting 7 October. To receive a preview of the work please sign up here.

Apparitions #3‘ from Nicole Welch’s recent solo exhibition has been selected as a finalist in the inaugural Kennedy Prize. An edition of this work was also acquired by Artbank earlier this year.

Flatline is a finalist in the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award at Grafton Regional Gallery with the video work ‘A Dance for Paul Klee‘, to be screened from the 17 October to 7 December 2014.



Al Munro, ‘Homage to the Everyday’, Acquired by Goulburn Regional Art Gallery


Al Munro‘s work, ‘Homage to the Everyday‘, which was curated into the group exhibition Kitchenalia at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery has been acquired for their permanent collection. The work will remain on view as part of Kitchenalia until the 11 October 2014.

We will be exhibiting Al Munro’s new body of work Systems of the Infinite starting 7 October. Should you wish to receive a preview of the work or be informed of future special events relating to Munro, please sign up here.

September 2014 Exhibitions

Please join us for drinks with the Artists
Wednesday 10 September 5:30-7:30pm
with the Flatline performance, ‘Imprint’, at 7pm

NB: All of these exhibitions are eligible to be reviewed for the 2 Danks Street Award for Contemporary Art Criticism. For further details and to download an application form, visit the 2 Danks Street website here.

▶ CAROL MURPHY, La Baigneuse
“This exhibition references the depiction of the bather in art history, but using the medium of ceramics. It is a further examination of the sculptural form in various poses at rest and play.”


▶ TODD FULLER, Studies in Motion
“Drawing is a personal obsession, through it I dissect the world its occupants and my relationship to these elements. Studies in Motion features studies of choreographic sequences, their physics, energetic states and an intuitive response to the two.”


▶ FLATLINE, A Dance for Paul Klee in Black Box Projects
“Flatline is an interdisciplinary collective and at its core is artist Todd Fuller and dancer/choreographer Carl Sciberras. ‘A Dance for Paul Klee‘ is a choreographic score forged from the logic of mark making after several drawing classes with a group of dancers. The piece is filmed on a beach made famous by Arthur Boyd and then articulated by a hand drawn transcription of itself.”

Flatline is a finalist in the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award at Graftion Regional Gallery with the video work ‘A Dance for Paul Klee‘, to be screened from the 17 October to 7 December 2014.


▶ GREER TAYLOR, out of rain
“The works in out of rain refer in some way to this triple meaning together with reference to the ‘life-cycle’ of water: rain, clouds, mist, deluge, its seepage into the earth – to comment about cutting off supply.”


Interview: Jacek Wańkowski

What is your earliest memory of making art?
Painting at school in a cold and draughty ‘art room’ in the attic of a 19th-century ‘neo-gothic’ school building.  I remember writing poetry as a distraction from the cold.

Do you listen to music when you are creating works? If so, what is on high rotation?
No – different music causes different emotional responses in me, so my emotional state can change as I work on one piece and I prefer to keep my emotions focussed and, as far as possible, in the same frame.


When preparing for your last exhibition, did you create works around a theme or did the links between the works reveal themselves later on?
Yes, around a theme and an installation concept.

Describe the space in which you create your works (studio, lounge room etc):
Large tin shed in a paddock in a beautiful valley in the Hunter.

Do you have a favourite piece or favourite pieces? If so, which piece/s and why?
These change as I make new work.  Currently its ‘ex nihilo’ as it hovers just above the ground, looking like its ready to chase something.

What has been, for you, a defining moment in your career as an artist?
Discovering I loved sculpting, an activity that puts me ‘in the zone’ while I am working – often a sort of transcendental state.

1480What did you eat for breakfast?
Home-made bread (made by me), honey and a flat white.

Art investment: Love and Money, A conversation with Peter Bobbin, Managing Principal, Rockwell Oliver


Art investment: Love and Money
A conversation with Peter Bobbin, Managing Principal, Rockwell Oliver
Tuesday 26 August 2014, 6:30pm

More than a sheer pleasure, collecting art can be an astute way of building capital and assisting with tax planning. Join the galleries of 2 Danks Street for a special evening with Peter Bobbin, unwinding the complexities of owning and divesting an art investment portfolio.

If you are already building your collection, or considering a long-term love affair with fine art, this is the event for you. Peter will uncover the opportunities and pitfalls around superannuation, tax and estate planning and respond to your questions.

Throughout his career Peter Bobbin has earned respect for his planning and strategy skills across a range of financial services including superannuation, taxation and estate planning. He advises both individuals and businesses, working with corporate and high net wealth clients as well as accountants, financial advisers, and other lawyers.

An engaging and entertaining speaker, we are delighted to welcome Peter Bobbin to our 2 Danks Street Conversations.

$10 at the door for drinks and light refreshments.

RSVP to by Monday 25 August or call Janet Clayton Gallery on 9698 8443.

Nicole Welch exhibiting in Green at Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest and completing a residency at Hill End

Illumination #6‘ by Nicole Welch has been curated into the group exhibition Green at Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest. The exhibition is on view from 30 August to 16 November 2014.

In addition, Nicole will be an artist in residence at Hill End in September where she will use both photography and video to create a site-specific media installation in the landscape. The aim of the work will be to reveal the embedded cultural history and idealism projected on this land since colonisation.


Flatline performing Sketch at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

Flatline presents Sketch at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta on 11 – 13 September 2014. The choreography is by Carl Sciberras, art by Todd Fuller, sound by Mitchell Mollison and performed by Roz Wythes and Katina Olsen. Visit the Riverside Theatre website to book tickets.

This performance triptych sees three dancers, a visual artist and composer transform the theatre into a hyper-sensorial world where these three mediums push and pull one another into new territory. The work converges old and new technologies to intercept lines, curves and colours with choreographic and sound scores.


Waratah Lahy, Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro & Mylyn Nguyen exhibiting in ‘Kitchenalia’ at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery


Waratah Lahy, Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro and Mylyn Nguyen have been curated into the group exhibition Kitchenalia at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. The show, on view from 28 August until the 11 October, features artists who use kitchen-related materials and subject matter within their practice. Included in the exhibition are the delicately painted glasses by Waratah Lahy, an assemblage of patty-pans by Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro’s crochet bottles and Mylyn Nguyen’s tiny tableaux contained within spoons and vessels.


TL: Mylyn Nguyen, ‘And then she said…’ 2013, spoon, twigs, pebbles, fibre, w/c on paper, 9.5 x 16 x 4.5cm
TR: Al Munro, ‘Homage to the Everyday’ 2013-2014, crochet textile, installation view
BL Melinda Le Guay, ‘Ruffle 1′ 2007, paper on board – framed, 48.5 x 72cm
BR: Waratah Lahy, ‘Van and Sign’ 2007, oil on glass – 2 pieces, 14.5 x 13.5 x 10cm

August 2014 exhibitions

Please join us for drinks with the Artists
Wednesday 13 August 5:30-7:30pm

So bear folded me a paper boat, packed my lunch, pointed west and told me to go and learn something

A parade of 111 migrating paper bugs, travelling across the Gallery floor and up the surface of the wall, will be the centerpiece for Mylyn Nguyen’s upcoming exhibition. This unlikely procession of meticulously created creatures, hand-made, hand-painted and individually placed, will be joined by miniature worlds encased in glass objects, echoing the aesthetic of botanical terrariums.


“Carapace extends my investigations on perception, on things that engage the forces of nature and on things that change and grow. These sculptures pursue that moment between balance and flight, causing the precise distribution of mass, form and space to activate the piece.”

NB: Both exhibitions are eligible to be reviewed for the 2 Danks Street Award for Contemporary Art Criticism. For further details and to download an application form, visit the 2 Danks Street website here.