May 2014 exhibitions

Please join us for drinks with the Artists
Wednesday 21 May 5:30-7:30pm

▶ LESLIE OLIVER, Walking Sticks – Crooks, Staves and Scepters
“As a person ultimately drawn to making sculpture, I have always enjoyed a direct connection to simple physical objects. As a boy I … went on many walks and hiking camps and would find myself a special stick to carry and befriend. Around a campfire I would decorate it with burn marks made with hot wire … All these things play a part in the my personal pleasure of making ‘walking sticks’.”

▶ HELEN MUELLER, ships in the night
“Humble pods pass us by unnoticed, to deliver their cargo of life. They are like ships in the night. Once spent, they vanish, their beauty and importance unacknowledged. In making this work, I wanted to halt their disappearance, pay them close attention, and celebrate their wonder.”


headon2014blackboxHead On Photo Festival
Prizes for Multimedia

13 May to 7 June 2014

Join us tonight for the launch from 6-8pm!
Expect the unexpected in our Black Box Project space, exhibiting the finalists for the Head on Photo Festival, Fine Art and Documentary Multimedia Prize.

Head On is Australia’s largest photography festival celebrating excellence in all genres from photo-artists from across the globe and provides a major platform for discovering new talent, re- discovering established artists and exploring new technologies and ideas.


Other Collaborations, Conversations and Creative Partnerships with ‘In Tandem’ Artists

Some of the artists participating in In Tandem have worked in other creative duos, including Melinda Le Guay and Leslie Oliver. Le Guay worked with Helen Mueller + Carla Priivald and Oliver collaborated with Sokquan Tran for Brenda May Gallery’s exhibition ‘Couples/Collaborators + Other Partnerships’ in 2005.

Melinda Le Guay, ‘First Edition’ 2005, In collaboration with Helen Mueller and Carla Priivald – intaglio print, combined papers, 34 x 54 x 4cm
Leslie-Oliver-The-Stones-Were-There Leslie Oliver, 'The Stones Were There' 2004, In collaboration with Sokquon Tran - ultracrome print on archival photo rag and mixed media sculptural elements, 57 x 67.5 x 7cm, edition of 5
Leslie Oliver, ‘The Stones Were There’ 2004, In collaboration with Sokquon Tran – ultracrome print on archival photo rag and mixed media sculptural elements, 57 x 67.5 x 7cm, edition of 5

Currently working together under the guise of Flatline are In Tandem artist Todd Fuller and dancer/choreographer Carl Sciberras, combining talents to form a dance/art hybrid. Their newest project will be showcased in Brenda May Gallery and Black Box Projects later this year.

A still from Flatline’s 2013 showcase of the cross-disciplinary, experimental performance ‘Studies in Motion’. Flatline is an interdisciplinary collective comprised of Todd Fuller + Carl Sciberras

Senden Blackwood + Helen Mueller – Closing 23 March

blackwood_mueller_installsEmploying the diminishing art of stone carving through his sensuous and seamless forms, SENDEN BLACKWOOD tirelessly labours upon his hand-carved and polished pieces, building a relationship between his aesthetic ideas and the physical attributes of the stone. Within his current exhibition, kaiu, Blackwood has worked in a range of scale and materials, showcasing his diverse technical ability. He creates stone pieces that evoke a visceral admiration through their impressive display of skill, and encourages a simple engagement with cast bronze works that sit comfortably in the hand.

blackwood_mueller_selections1Though contemplative and in subdued shades of black, white and grey, HELEN MUELLER’s current exhibition, Forest requiem, has elicited excited and perceptive responses from viewers. The restricted palette allows the complex layered forms of the branches to create alluring imagery, thoughtfully paired with areas of blank space to accentuate certain shapes and configurations.


March 2013 Exhibitions

“I feel like everything I want to say is written in the lines and planes of each piece. The repetitive physical process of carving translates my decisions and ideas into a subtle language, inherent in the finished form.”

“This melaleuca forest formed the starting point for the woodblock prints in this exhibition. In the working process I discovered that struggle can result in rich complexity, in elegance and grace.”


On Friday 8 March, Art Month Sydney will be hosting the Waterloo precinct Art Bar at 2 Danks Street. All the Galleries will be open till 8pm, with the Art Bar kicking off at BMG from 8 till late. We hope you can join us for drinks and and some TGIF fun!

sdcBrenda May Gallery is pleased to present the first exhibition in our project space, Brenda May Annex, by the text-based artist >[sdc]<. Of his work, the Artist writes, “The surface of these paintings, their slowly constructed skins by way of layering and collage techniques, marries the technological space from which their realm of dialogue is drawn and the physical act of painting as a means of interpersonal negotiation.”

Helen Mueller, ‘Oscuro’

Helen Muller, ‘Oscuro 1’ 2012, woodblock prints – unique, 94 x 64cm
Helen Muller, ‘Oscuro 2’ 2012, woodblock prints – unique, 94 x 64cm

I have focused on the dark side of chiaroscuro. Dark as in obscure, unfathomable. A case of the more you look at the trees, the less you can see the forest.

The making of these prints was much less premeditated than the finished pieces suggest. It started with a gnarled and weathered dead branch found on the beach and wended its way through an unpredictable process of exploring what this branch evoked. The making process as a transit to inner realms.

Helen Mueller, June 2012

‘Oscuro 1’ and ‘Oscuro 2’ are currently on view at the Gallery as part of Chiaroscuro until 28 July 2012.

‘Chiaroscuro’, Closing 28 July

Our curated group exhibition, Chiaroscuro, will be on view until Saturday 28 July 2012. Light and shade have been used in a variety of mediums, from the delicately etched shadows of botanic specimen by Rachel Ellison to the illuminated glass eggs by Peter Nilsson.

Helen Mueller focused on the darker side of chiaroscuro. Her new series of ethereal woodblock prints were inspired by “a gnarled and weathered dead branch found on the beach”. The works may contain several layers of different sections of the large woodblock and as Mueller whimsically quips, “the more you look at the trees, the less you can see the forest.”

A staff favourite is the collaborative film ‘Moon‘ by visual artist Lorraine Biggs and sound artist Lila Meleisea which is an eight minute film created during a residency in the Cradle Mountain and Vale of Belvoir areas in Tasmania. We have been entranced by the tiny movements of flora and fauna in the river environment, paired with calming musical notes and the natural sounds of birds, frogs and rustling plants collected alongside the video footage. Meanwhile, very slowly, the reflection of the moon subtly traces its way across the screen. (signed edition of 50, $120 each)

Stockroom Collection: Artworks Under $500

We are pleased to introduce a new feature on the Brenda May Gallery blog: stockroom collections. Each collection will contain an image gallery of thumbnails which individually link back to the full size image and details of each artwork. This week, our collection highlights artwork priced under $500.

Artists included in this collection: Will Coles, Todd Fuller, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Waratah Lahy, Melinda Le Guay, Emily McIntosh, Helen Mueller, Al Munro, Mylyn Nguyen and Lezlie Tilley.


Melinda Le Guay + Helen Mueller in ‘Paper Now’ at Incinerator Art Space

Next week the curated group exhibition Paper Now will open at Incinerator Art Space in Willoughby. Our represented artist Melinda Le Guay and exhibited artist Helen Mueller both have work included in the show. From the exhibition website:

“Paper Now comprises thirty works by eleven Australian artists who share a common approach to their current practice through the use of paper as the primary medium. Paper is part of our everyday experience – we use it at home, at work, in our leisure time. It is functional, ephemeral and transient. Rarely does it extend into the realm of the aesthetic. In this exhibition artists Sally Aplin, Bronwyn Berman, Marguerite Derricourt, Melinda Le Guay, Brigiat Maltese, Nerine Martini, Helen Mueller, Maryann Mussared, Jenny Pollak, Liz Shreeve and TianLi Zu employ concepts and techniques from a range of artistic and cultural traditions to transform our experience of paper. They cut, fold, stitch, etch, stamp, trace, draw and paint on and with paper highlighting the sensuality and fragility of this extraordinarily versatile substance.”

Paper Now runs from the 28th of January until the 4th of March.