New in the Stockroom

Melinda Le Guay

A framed work from Melinda Le Guay‘s Conflict series is now available at the Gallery. This dress was made by the artist laboriously knitting layers of enamelled copper wire and then embellishing the garment with found objects and items of adornment.

Le Guay comments on this series saying: “My research and work has become increasingly concerned with nurturing, healing and protecting the fragile and vulnerable… [It] hinges on the physical and psychological susceptibility of the young female… Still immersed in materiality, my work is not generated by conscious thought but is experiential and process driven…” – 2011

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< Melinda Le Guay, ‘Covert’ 2011/2016
enamelled copper wire, thread, gauze, bone, brass brooch, pin, feather, paper, beads. 72 x 21 x 10cm. Frame size: 89.5 x 43cm – $4,200



Peter Tilley

Interested in the associated meanings of symbols such as the standing man, empty chair, suitcase, vessel, cloud and lone tree, Peter Tilley is able to convey messages using a simplicity of form. His newest work utilises the symbols of the vessel and the cloud, whilst also exploring texture through his use of mixed timbers in both raw and finished states, along with bronze and gold leaf.

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Untitled Show

Our Untitled Show features artworks that differ in style, medium, inspiration and affect. The only unifying quality is that they do not allow audiences to rely on a title for further instruction, and instead are open to interpretation.

Artists include Tanmaya Bingham, Robert Boynes, Jim Croke, Sybil Curtis, Todd Fuller, James Guppy, Waratah Lahy, Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro, Carol Murphy, Mylyn Nguyen, Catherine O’Donnell, Leslie Oliver, Lezlie Tilley, and Peter Tilley.

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Untitled Show

On view 29 September to 24 October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.20.21 pmAl Munro, ‘Untitled 2’ 2015
acrylic paint on plywood, 43 x 31cm

‘Untitled’ would appear to be the most common name attributed to a work of art. Despite the word denoting nothingness, the power of the untitled work is that it has the ability to express the opposite. Artists usually name works to convey something further about the piece to an audience, whether that is a feeling, a description, or a nod to its inspiration. An untitled work, on the other hand, asks the audience to think and question a little more in order to uncover meaning.

The works in this exhibition will differ in style, medium, inspiration and affect. The only unifying quality will be that the works do not allow audiences to rely on a title for further instruction and will instead be entirely open to interpretation.


New in the Stockroom: Melinda Le Guay + Lezlie Tilley

We have a few new pieces in our stockroom by two of our Represented Artists. ‘Warp 6‘ is from a series by Melinda Le Guay that is strongly based in process and repetition. The work embellishes, manipulates and deconstructs the surface of fragile and translucent paper.

In the new paintings ‘Licorace allsorts‘ and ‘Harlequin‘, Lezlie Tilley returns to her earlier considerations of the geometric patternation in quilting. Both practices speak strongly to traditional woman’s work and handicrafts; Le Guay’s through the use of hand-stitiching and Tilley’s through her visual aesthetic.


Waratah Lahy, Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro & Mylyn Nguyen exhibiting in ‘Kitchenalia’ at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery


Waratah Lahy, Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro and Mylyn Nguyen have been curated into the group exhibition Kitchenalia at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. The show, on view from 28 August until the 11 October, features artists who use kitchen-related materials and subject matter within their practice. Included in the exhibition are the delicately painted glasses by Waratah Lahy, an assemblage of patty-pans by Melinda Le Guay, Al Munro’s crochet bottles and Mylyn Nguyen’s tiny tableaux contained within spoons and vessels.


TL: Mylyn Nguyen, ‘And then she said…’ 2013, spoon, twigs, pebbles, fibre, w/c on paper, 9.5 x 16 x 4.5cm
TR: Al Munro, ‘Homage to the Everyday’ 2013-2014, crochet textile, installation view
BL Melinda Le Guay, ‘Ruffle 1’ 2007, paper on board – framed, 48.5 x 72cm
BR: Waratah Lahy, ‘Van and Sign’ 2007, oil on glass – 2 pieces, 14.5 x 13.5 x 10cm

April 2014 exhibitions

Please join us for drinks with the Artists
THURSDAY 24 April 5:30-7:30pm

▶ MELINDA LE GUAY, Material Matters
“As I focus on, or move from one activity to another in my domestic realm, I am always gathering and processing materials to do with my practice; everyday ‘stuff’ provides a lot of matter I use in my art-making. In collaboration with these disparate materials, the processes I employ are also the ones I use in my home, my studio.”

▶ IN TANDEM, curated by Olivia Welch

Although artistic partnerships are abundant in the art world, not all are alike. ‘In Tandem‘, curated by Olivia Welch, began with the pairing of six of Brenda May Gallery’s represented artists to form three duos who have interpreted this brief of collective creation in differing ways. Todd Fuller + Mylyn Nguyen, Waratah Lahy + Al Munro, Melinda Le Guay + Leslie Oliver.

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dlux_screening_3dLux Media Arts presents Scanlines Remix
Screening 3: Landscape

curated by Sarah Vandepeer
for Black Box Projects
22 April to 10 May

Screening 3 of Scanlines Remix, features the work of Laresa Kosloff, Neil Jenkins, Jess Olivieri & Hayley Forward with the Sydney Chamber Choir, Sam Smith and Paul Winkler.

Laresa Kosloff, ‘Swell’ 2002
digital scanned Super 8 film – 3:00mins loop, ed of 3

‘In Tandem’ Artists in ‘Mighty Small’

Exhibition Install – Mighty Small

Last year I had the opportunity to co-curate Mighty Small with Brenda May Gallery. This exhibition was conceptualised after rifling through the Gallery’s archives and finding an invitation to a previous exhibition entitled Small and an image of an art vending machine from the early 1990’s made by a group of students. Adopting the pint-sized scale of Small, I curatorially aimed for the works in Mighty Small to not only be little in size, but rely on this scale as an integral part of the work desired impact. I found that I almost exclusively selected work by artists that the Gallery already had a relationship with. When invited to curate another show this year, In Tandem was quickly devised, taking my knowledge of these artists and pairing them based on similar sensibilities, aesthetics or thematic tendencies.

Exhibition Install – Mighty Small

All of the artists that have been selected for In Tandem had work in Mighty Small. Below is a look at each artist’s contribution to this first exhibition.

– Olivia Welch


Todd Fuller, ‘baggage I’ 2013, oil and pigment on terracotta, iPod playing ‘adrift’, 12.5 x 14.5 x 5.5cm
Mylyn Nguyen, ‘Bombus + House’ 2013, watercolour + ink on paper, fibre, plastic film + acrylic, 10 x 4 x 4cm variable
Al Munro, ‘fictitious mineral drawing 9’ 2103, paint marker, glitter, paper – unframed, 14.5 x 14.5cm
Waratah Lahy, ‘animal brooch (orange piglets)’ 2013, oil on beer can aluminium, metal brooch back, 3 x 3.5cm
Leslie Oliver, ‘Up’n up’n up’ 2013, painted brass, 23 x 27 x 19cm
Melinda Le Guay, ‘Untitled’, ink on paper – unframed, 14 x 9.5cm

Other Collaborations, Conversations and Creative Partnerships with ‘In Tandem’ Artists

Some of the artists participating in In Tandem have worked in other creative duos, including Melinda Le Guay and Leslie Oliver. Le Guay worked with Helen Mueller + Carla Priivald and Oliver collaborated with Sokquan Tran for Brenda May Gallery’s exhibition ‘Couples/Collaborators + Other Partnerships’ in 2005.

Melinda Le Guay, ‘First Edition’ 2005, In collaboration with Helen Mueller and Carla Priivald – intaglio print, combined papers, 34 x 54 x 4cm
Leslie-Oliver-The-Stones-Were-There Leslie Oliver, 'The Stones Were There' 2004, In collaboration with Sokquon Tran - ultracrome print on archival photo rag and mixed media sculptural elements, 57 x 67.5 x 7cm, edition of 5
Leslie Oliver, ‘The Stones Were There’ 2004, In collaboration with Sokquon Tran – ultracrome print on archival photo rag and mixed media sculptural elements, 57 x 67.5 x 7cm, edition of 5

Currently working together under the guise of Flatline are In Tandem artist Todd Fuller and dancer/choreographer Carl Sciberras, combining talents to form a dance/art hybrid. Their newest project will be showcased in Brenda May Gallery and Black Box Projects later this year.

A still from Flatline’s 2013 showcase of the cross-disciplinary, experimental performance ‘Studies in Motion’. Flatline is an interdisciplinary collective comprised of Todd Fuller + Carl Sciberras