Australia Council Review Survey

Last year hundreds of public submissions were received in response to the National Cultural Policy discussion paper.

As the Australia Council is such a significant channel in which the Australian Government delivers support to the arts and cultural sector, it was not surprising that many submissions discussed the role of the agency.

The Minister for the Arts announced an independent review into the Australia Council which will contribute to the development of the policy. Information on the Review’s Terms of Reference can be found HERE.

The Chairs of the Review, Mr Angus James and Ms Gabrielle Trainor, are very interested in your views about whether the original purpose of the Australia Council remains relevant today and what changes, if any, you would like to see made to the agency’s role and delivery of support to the sector.

Your confidential contribution to the Australia Council Review is valued.

This questionnaire should only take around 8-10 minutes and can only be completed in one sitting. The survey is being undertaken for the Review by TNS Social Research on behalf of the Australian Government’s Office for the Arts.

Take this opportunity to have your say.

Lezlie Tilley + ‘Major Artists, Major Works’, Closing 3 March

A gentle reminder to visit the solo exhibition by LEZLIE TILLEY and the group show MAJOR ARTISTS, MAJOR WORKS before they both close on Saturday 3 March.

The angular and abstracted forms of Lezlie Tilley’s current exhibition were created by connecting the ‘a’s’ on a page from a novel. The shapes have then been laser cut in predominantly bright red, coloured acrylic which makes for an amazingly dynamic show. Due to the ongoing nature of the concept of the ‘a-less novel’, further works can also be commissioned in a wide range of materials including timber, metal and ply.

From Senden Blackwood‘s sensual, one tonne basalt sculpture to the minute watercolour figures, deftly hidden in Mylyn Nguyen‘s found chairs, the Major Artists, Major Works exhibition highlights the diversity of talent present in the Gallery‘s stable of artists.

Our next exhibitions during Art Month, will feature work by represented artists, James Guppy and Will Coles, from Tuesday March 6. If you are already on our notification list, we will send you an email as soon as the work arrives in the Gallery.

Now Accepting Proposals for ‘Chiaroscuro’

Brenda May Gallery is currently accepting proposals from professional practising artists in Australia and New Zealand for the following group exhibition scheduled for 2012.

‘Chiaroscuro’ – July 2012

Chiaroscuro is the treatment of light and shade for dramatic effect in drawing, painting and printmaking. It is the effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction, on something or someone. Chiaroscuro is thought to have originated before the Renaissance; this exhibition seeks to show the work of contemporary artists using this traditional practice.
Proposals for this show must be received by Friday 6 April 2012.

Submissions should be posted directly to the Gallery (email submissions and proposals sent by registered post will not be accepted) and should include a CD of recent work and images in support of the proposal, an up to date C/V and a single page outline stating which exhibition you are submitting for and the nature of the work you are proposing.

James Guppy, ‘African Wild Dogs’ 2010, acrylic on linen, 30.5 x 76cm

Jim Croke in ‘Sculpture 2012’

Jim Croke, ‘The Short’ 2011, steel, 14 x 60 x 3cm
Jim Croke, ‘Freeze’ 2011, steel, 14 x 51 x 5cm
Jim Croke, ‘The Long’ 2011, steel, 14 x 61 x 3cm
Jim Croke, ‘Deco’ 2011, steel, 61 x 14 x 3cm

“Relief sculpture is very different to sculpture in the round. It must sit on the wall and interact with it not simply be a “piece of jewellery” decorating the wall. It must have a undeniable presence in the space while not actually occupying much of it.

A series of sculptures of a similar theme and scale can help each other tell the story of the work.” – Jim Croke, 2011

Lezlie Tilley + ‘Major Artists, Major Works’, Opening 14 February

A solo exhibition by LEZLIE TILLEY and a group exhibition of our REPRESENTED ARTISTS will be on view starting Tuesday 14 February. Please join the Gallery and Artists for a celebratory drink on Saturday 18 February from 4-6pm.

Lezlie Tilley, ‘Preface’ 2011, laser cut acrylic

Lezlie Tilley‘s new exhibition Pages from an A-less Novel, is a strictly methodical body of work that exemplifies the labour-intensive process that is central to her practice. The series began with Tilley cutting out and then tracing each letter ‘a’ from a novel. She then replicates the dots exactly onto large sheets of paper, connecting them to create abstract geometric shapes that are laser cut in acrylic. This body of work started with Tilley designing and facilitating a mural project with the Newcastle Art School where her students worked freehand to reproduce compositions from this series onto large hoarding panels.

Robert Boynes, ‘Night & Day’ 2012, acrylic on canvas, timber – triptych, 120 x 244cm

Major Artists, Major Works will feature a significant artwork by each of the fourteen artists represented by the Gallery. Size is relative – for some, major may simply mean bigger than a shoebox, whereas for others it can entail the removal of the Gallery doors!

Benjamin Storch, ‘Through the Centre’

Benjamin Storch, ‘Through the Centre’ 2007, hand-hammered copper, 90 x 90 x 30cm

Opening, unfolding space – 
One loop traversing another, 
Continuous and dynamic, responsive to influence. 

This is only the second sculpture exhibited in Australia by the British artist Benjamin Storch. ‘Through the Centre‘ will be on view as part of Sculpture 2012 until Saturday 11 February.