Mylyn Nguyen

Can't Sleep
Where do we go from here?
I'm not afraid of spiders
I wish I could call clouds
The moment you see the first green, is my favourite moment
Do whales fly?
the acacia leaf beetle + the seedlings
the christmas beetle + the clover
the stick insect + the air plant
the lady bug + the grass
the stag beetle + the green tea leaf
the dogbane beetle + the sprout
the leaf insect + the leaves
the acacia leaf beetle + the seedlings
The Great Escape
Bombus + House
Ponytail (Bird)
Ponytail (Cat)
Ponytail (Short)
Ponytail (Long)
Mylyn Nguyen


(b. 1982. Adelaide, SA, Australia)
Over seven years, Mylyn Nguyen has developed six exhibitions for Brenda May Gallery that have whimsically explored childhood curiosities. The group exhibition 'Form Without Function - Sculpture 2007' launched Nguyen into the Gallery in 2007 and since then she has created work for over twenty group shows with the Gallery. Nguyen received a Master of Visual Arts in 2006 from Sydney College of the Arts, with her sculpture in the university exhibition 'Utility' receiving an award. This marked a pivotal point in the development and direction of her work. Notably since then, Nguyen has exhibited internationally twice with Brenda May Gallery at Art Stage Singapore, taking a solo installation titled 'Bombus' in 2014, which was composed of 1,000 handcrafted bees. In 2015, she was selected for inclusion in 'Installation Contemporary', a curated component of Sydney Contemporary where she made a site-specific installation of paper moth-filled habitats below peoples' feet.
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