Subject to Flooding

Rochelle Summerfield

7 October to 1 November 2014

I collage a powerful female form to imagine radically new ways to depict the body’s sensations and movement.  She is what the body can be.  She is my heroine.  She is a beast, often flamboyant and may have wings when she wants to soar.

A small tributary off the mighty Clarence River meanders inland to an unknown and secret place, where lit by dappled sunlight perches a painted kingfisher and a collaged female form pondering the meaning of life, art and nature.

When the floods come, the river transforms into a raging and powerful force, and now the heroine battles urban dramas as surging waters sweep through domestic structures that try to regulate her.   In the midst of rising waters, my heroine is optimistic, fatalistic and always transformative.